Accurate Distance Measurement

I currently use a mixture of Nike+ and RunKeeper GPS app (on my htc desire phone) to measure distance outdoors and I get very different results.

I guess RunKeeper is more accurate and I use a strap ontop of my trainers for the Nike+ rather than having the Nike+ trainers, maybe this makes it less accurate? When I try to calibrate it comes up as distance doesn't match!

Also, on the treadmill in the gym I can't seem to run anywhere near the distance I think I do outdoors in the same time.

On the treadmill I struggle to do 2.5k in 20mins whereas I know I can complete a 5k race in ~30mins and when I up the speed it's a real struggle to keep up the pace! Plus if I wear my Nike+ I get completely different results to what the treadmill says and obviously can't wear GPS to check.

I'd like to start training for my first 10k race in May and would really like a accurate way of recording the distances of my training runs!

Any thoughts/advice would be most appreciated!


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    I use and a stopwatch - ignore the follow roads function and its accurate enough (much more so than nike+ anyway) image
  • Runkeeper is fairly accurate, the only problem you get occasionally is it will miss a few corners off so may be out by a small margin. The good thing is that it is based on Google Maps so once you've recorded it, edit the route and put it on satelite view and make sure the points match your route.

    You can then save this as a route and whenever you run it again it'll be the correct distance.
  • Thanks - I'll definitely try both of these!

    Any thoughts on treadmill distance - maybe I should just ignore distance on the treadmill and aim for set timed runs instead as it seems to be so inaccurate?
  • Are you sure the treadmill isnt reading in miles per hour ?

     I'd not worry too much about the tready reading anyway - who knows how accurate they are. I'd go off perceived exertion - you shouldnt be too far off the pace you want ?

  • The speed on the treadmill is kph and it asks for weight in kg so I assumed the distance is read in Km..... but could be wrong!

    I think you're right to judge perceived exertion and I think I'll use my outside runs to check I'm covering the distance!

    Many thanks
  • I use Runkeeper and I have found that suprisingly it recorded my last run as 5.09 miles at a pace of 5.10 minutes a mile.  Now this would be a great result if I believed it, but seeing as I've only been running for a month and my average pace is normally around 11.19 minutes a mile I find it hard to believe.  That would be an impressive sudden improvement!!  I was running a different route that I have never done before which had a more all over even gradient, but still too good to be true I think?

    Anyone else experienced such data discrepencies with runkeeper?

  • As a newbie runner, i use Runkeeper, i find this more accurate than runtastic as this seems to not plot my distance but keeps my time so unloaded it. would appreciate and feed back on what apps other people use xx

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