Moving to Dubai!

I've got a new job in Dubai, starting in September. Anyone had any experience of the Tri scene over there? I know there's the Abu Dhabi Tri and a Dubai International Tri, but not much more. I'm a bit concerned about training and competing in 40 degrees heat, so any tips would be appreciated! The cycling clubs (main one seems to be Dubai Roadsters) train in early morning and at night!


  • If you hang around long enough Dubai Dave should be able to help you ...  !
  • Didn't snorks go out to Dubai?  He hasn't been here much lately, maybe over on (ahem) tritalk?
  • GG: There is a fairly active Tri scene in Dubai / Abu Dhabi. On average there are 6 sprint events, two Olympics and Abu Dhabi International each season which runs from October to April.

    Its not hot here in the winter, it was 16C and raining as I drove to work today, as to tarining through the summer, you will! we all do there are ways and means. There is no Tri club as such in Dubai anymore (politics) though there are several groups of triathletes who train together. There is one cycling club, four running clubs which one suits you depends on where you live. There are numerous running races, aquathons, duathlons, swims during the winter. In fact I will only have two weekends between 01st October and the middle of April when I wont have raced. Send me a PM with your email address and I will send you all the links etc. Oh yes and get used to training at 0500, its too hot later.

    CD: Snorks is here and still competing.

  • Thanks for the info all. Should I know who Snorks is? Sorry Snorks if you're reading!

    Rain!! I was going to leave my mudguards in England! Looks like joining a Run club and maybe Dubai Roadsters is the way? Are there any other cycling clubs?

    I've heard of Wolfie's bike shop, but how easy is it to get parts etc and what are the prices like generally? Am I best to grab a few key bits while still in Blighty to get the choice I want and save a few quid? Thinking wheels, brakes and some tri-bars.

  • GG: Dubai roadsters is the only cycling club but there are groups of triathletes who cycle together in various locations. It only rains about 6 times a year always between November and March, it rained all day yesterday.

    Running clubs, The Mirdif Milers and the ABRa'S are closest to  typical UK club with long runs, speed work etc. The Dubai Road Runners and The Dubai Creek Striders are more social with one run a week. Lots of peeps run with more than one club.

    Wolfies has a lot of stock but its expensive, Probike UAE are cheaper and more tri orientated though still expensive compared to the UK, Wiggle is the way to go, delivery in  about 4 days and no VAT. As long as you order 250 quids worth at a time there is no delivery charge either.

    Snorks is a rather good age grouper who emigrated to these shore 18 months ago, won every race for awhile until someone even better pitched up!  Send me a PM and I'll give you all the website links.

  • I think Snorks will be safe after I arrive, as will most people!! I suspect until I get used to the heat everyone will be vanishing into the distance!

    Any experience of using CRC online from Dubai?

  • Nope have never used CRC,  you will get used to the heat, everyone does.
  • Have just booked to come to Dubai in February ahead of moving in August. Will be bringing my running gear. Anybody got recommendations for good spots for a few short runs to see the area? Staying at the Holiday Inn Al-barsha.
  • There are several running clubs like Dubai Striders, Nike Runners Club, Abras, etc. There are many triathletes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and you basically have 3 choices - go it alone, Tri2Aspire or Tri-Pirates. Aparantly there is a new group that has also started but haven't seen or heard them. Tri2Aspire are a group of serious triathletes and have a hectic training schedule. They also organise 6 Sprint events during the year and open it for other athletes to a maximum of 200 for safety reasons. I belong to the Tri-Pirates and we are a more relaxed group that do it for the fun and love of the sport. Look us up when you get here.

    There's also a few bike groups, Dubai Roadsters mentioned by Dave is one of them. There is also the Dubai Cycle Safe group that meet on Fridays and then do a recovery ride on Saturdays known as the "coffee ride". This is a good relaxing ride and a must do if you enjoy cycling in a group. 

    For the 2011/2012 season so far we have the 6 Tri2Aspire also known as the Ghantoot events which are Sprint distances. 3 events are planned by another company and I expect it to be Sprint and Olympic distances. Yas Tri at the Yas Circuit is a MUST DO!!!! Keep an eye on their website for info Then the big one is Abu Dhabi Int. Tri. in March 2012. There are rumours that they will not do it next year because of funding, but lets hope it goes ahead. It's a really super event.

    Also see and go to the events section. Plenty info on all kinds of events. Also look up the above groups on Facebook, most of them are on there and post their events.

    On the issue of training in 40 degree weather - it's not that bad. It's when you are at the tail end of a 140km bike ride with strong winds, 50 degrees and 100% humidity that your training gets interesting. Seriously, your body adapts quicker than you think and it's not that bad. Hope you like getting up at 4am to train!

    Hope this helps


  • Thanks Arno - that a big help. I'm a Pirate, so that's looking good for knees-up!

    I'm fancying continuing with Sprint Tri's and maybe try some longer events too. The YAS event look terrific! I'm also fancying some long distance desert running events, maybe working up to the MDS. If anything, running all day is something I can do!

  • Gingergav - not sure if the Tri-Pirates that Arno refers to are the same as PSOF.

    I have googled 'tri-pirate' and interestingly came up with this. I realise the last post in there was 2007 but there are many references to tri-pirates on google

  • Schumkee - those Tri Pirates are from Texas. We are Tri-Pirates Dubai. Our website is being updated at the moment and should be on-line any day now. Don't worry, we're all giving our Capt'n a hard time about this.

    Gingergav - our Pirates captain does desert running regularly and drags some of the other pirates with him. He has done the Abu Dhabi Adventure Challange a few times as part of a 4 person team. Another pirate, Adrian Hayes, was part of this team as well.I have a friend that does ultra distance running so I should introduce the 2 of you. She recently did a 24 hour run and did a 100 mile race in the US soon after that. I still think she's nuts

  • No no no ..... these are Pirates Arno    image
  • They a UK outfit, we're a Dubai based crew.

    I think the term Ship of Fools apply to us as well though.

    Time to get our website up so I can post the link!!

  • Yes I know they are a UK outfit ... they are us !
  • Gav / Arno / Meldy there is no comparison between the PSOF and the Dubai Pirates, the Dubai mob aren't in the same league.

    Gav there are any multitue of Ultra nutters around in Dubai and numerous little groups who dissapear into the desert and wadi's at the weekends, likewise with Tri training groups I know of three small seperate groups who don't have websites, its all word of mouth and there is a big overlap between them. The real shame is that the Dubai Tri club folded due to some rather underhand politics, no one has managed to pick up the pieces and get everyone back in the same place hence all the seperate groups.

    Arno, Cath isn't nuts, just different!

  • Ooooh, is there gonna be a global amalgamation image

  • Not unless you want advertising all over your pirate kit
  • OK! So PSOF will go for a takeover and global domination.  That way our kit remains unscathed image
  • I'll be racing in Dubai in my PSOF gear! image

    Will I bundled into the back of a van in a sack by Dubai Tripirates?? Will I ever be seen again?

    Really looking forward to trying some desert training and events. Smart!!

  • ginergav - I just came across this thread.
    I am a pirate who lives in dubai.

    by now, i imagine you are settled in and enjoying dubai (although its hot now)

    where do you live?  where do you train?

    i live in the dubai marina and train mostly very early morning in ghantoot or the exit right after ghantoot coming from dubai.

    Dubai Dave - where do you train?  do you train early in the morning or in the evening?

    I have pirate stickers all over my cervelo-- so if you ever see me riding, please stop to say hello.

    i dont like to ride in the friday group because too many accidents happen during the ride ...and i am an average cyclist at best.  i have enough trouble as it is just riding my bike.

  • Egoman I tend to train academic city road, al Awir, maydan as I live in Mirdif, like you I avoid wolfies rides mainly cos I can't draft in a tri so why train that way, I ride in the mornings, run whenever! Swim at lunchtime.

    How is your training for the 7 in 7 going?

  • Just moved to dubai and looking to join the pirates but can't get hold of anyone, can any pirate help me out?



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