A word (or three) on shoes

I started running in May last year.  I did the C25K thing in my old nikes, then went to buy some more appropriate shoes as my shins kept hurting.  I went to Run & Become in Cardiff and ended up with Brooks Adrenaline GT10s - now, I KNOW I overpronate really badly because even as a child it caused me problems.

The shoes were....ok.  Better than my old ones but the niggly shin spint kept bugging me for all of last year. In the end I went to a different shop in Cardiff and got my gait video analysed.  Came out with the orthopaedic shoes of the running shoe world - a pair of Saucony Stabils.  My god, what a revelation!  I've had them for a month now and it's changed my little running world - not a twinge or an ache.  I'm running faster and further and I'm not starting every run waiting for the pain to start.

So, the point of this ramble - don't mess about with your shoes.  An hour of your life in a decent shop where they know what they're doing makes all the difference.


  • Well said that man.

    When I first started, I was too stingy / shy to walk into a proper running shop with all those intimidating "proper" runners in there and made do with JJB bought shoes that I kind of gait analysed myself for...

    After the innevitable pain and the expense of buying crap shoes from a crap shop, I fianlly went into Up and Running in Liverpool, got properly fitted and havent looked back since

  • I keep reading this advice, and now have every intention of actually getting my gait analysed.

    I also did C25K last year in my nikes, and whilst there is some wear left in them, I feel that I now need some "proper" running shoes. 

    Then again, this may just be an excuse for a girl to go shoe-shopping.  image

  • Natalie - I began with C25k and a pair of Nike Air Alaris. Rubbish rubbish rubbish and lots of knee pain to prove it!

    Take the advice! Be brave!

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭
    Kicked-it, my friend.....which bit of my pic makes me look like a man??

    Apart from the goat, obviously.
  • While this is good advice, the video gait analysis is not fool proof. I have bought two pairs of shoes using it which both actually created problems for me. I think there is often a drive by shop staff to completely correct pronation, which can end up with you buying stability shoes when it might not be the case.

    I could be the exception tho! I now run in a neutral shoe and use orthotics (custom ones).

    Cheers, Ant
  • I agree with Ant, gait analysis is not fool proof. its also only addresses issues with the lower part of the body which seems a little strange to me considering that you also run using your upper body.
    I prefer full body biometric checks such as that done by strideuk in hove.

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