Patella maltracking

I've been advised by my physio that I suffer from patella maltracking.
He has assured me that with treatment the condition can be cured with his help....providing I help myself with lots of stretching and exercises.

Whilst I have no reason to discredit my physio at all, I sought advice from a second physio closer to home. He immediately directed me to a podiatrist for treatment, explaining that physiotherapy will never be able to get to the root of the problem.
Who is right?

FYI, I have run one marathon (3'25) and ran in the region of 50 miles a week in my training for that.
Right now I am only running two or three times a week but I do plan to run the London Marathon again next year.



  • They are probably both correct. Both corrective methods like orthotics from a podiatrist (to correct your mechanics) and exercises to strengthen certain muscles will be needed.
  • Got, sorry had this problem.

    Stretch your hip flexors, quads, ITB, and hamstrings. Strengthen the medialis on the inside of the knee to help hold the patella in line.

    Believe me it works, and I wasnt running properly for 2yrs. The physio that found the problem got me back within 3mths......
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  • patella maltracking sounds like somewhere in Dorset. I advise yoga for whatever ails you - a good yoga teacher (look them up on the British Wheel of Yoga site) should know what's good and what's not
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  • Hi Jay

    I had patellar maltracking. In my case caused by outside quads being too strong (or too tight), inside (medial) ones not strong enough (too loose). Also one of the muscles in my butt being too tight.
    Phsysio advised exercises, which I admit I
    was too lazy to do.
    However much later, started yoga and this
    has sorted me out. Especially doing the set of movements called Sun Salutations.
    Also do Child's pose to stretch the quads.
    Both these set of exercises stretch all the muscles in your legs, buttocks and lower back. This does me the power of good.
    Having said that, the yoga exercises have turned out to be very similar to the exercises given to my by my physio.
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