RunLiverpool Marathon 2011

It's official. I'm now a happy man with the launch of our event. Thought I would start a clean thread to ensure clarity of name and a positive focus from today. Welcome onboard one and all it's going to be a great year.


  • First 100 entries gone so over 1 a minute.
  • No email telling me entries are open, I signed up to express interest.
  • Emails were sent to all that were interested this morning. Go to
  • Cheers, registered (still you may want to check out if all emails went out).

    I assume I don't need to keep the "ticket"
  • I didn't receive a notification email either. It's not a problem for me because I have already entered, but you might want to resend the notifications?
  • Get entered CAKE!

    I didn't get a notification either Alan. I don't think that worked too well!

    Still - I'M IN! image

  • I'm in woohoo.

    Alan I did get a email telling me the registration was open.

  • I didn't get an email either. Been keeping my eye on the other thread though so no problem there.
  • Jay Snizzel wrote (see)

    I'm in woohoo.

    Alan I did get a email telling me the registration was open.

    He loves you more than me! image
  • It's nice to be loved and I'll make sure you all get in!
  • You'd better or I know where to find you.....image

    And its no good hiding behind Yvonne. Us girls will unite you know.image

  • I'm having to hold tight until pay day image
  • I got the notification email when I woke up this morning (though it's worth noting that I'm currently back in the States visiting family, so I'm 8 hours behind the UK), and promptly registered! image  Also wanted to note that I absolutely love the graphic design being used on the site.
  • Tealsocks, thank you indeed. It's good to see my 30 years in advertising and design hasn't gone to waste!
  • LIVERBIRD wrote (see)

    Get entered CAKE!

    I didn't get a notification either Alan. I don't think that worked too well!

    Still - I'M IN! image

    Just waiting for pay day.
  • Good show that man! image
  • Whilst I know the success of the event in the main thing, and I'd hate to sound selfish, PLEASE don't fill up before Monday - I'm skint and would hate to miss out on this...

    The route looks really good, and this would be my 1st attempt at a marathon in (kind of) my home city.

    Good luck with it all anyway Alan - you've obviously put a load of work into this already - guess the real hard work starts now...
  • Paul - if you miss out and you're entering next week I shall personally transfer my place and stand naked at the Pier Head.

    Stop worrying! You'll be fine next week!

    But...... if you come with a begging bowl two weeks before the race for a "spare place" because you "didn't realise it was full" and you're "desperate to run it" because you've "already told your friends" I shall come round and chop your nads off.

    Are we clear? image

  • Oh great - TOTP and I'm threatening to cut balls off...image
  • Crikey!

    Cheers LB - I'll definitely be online 1st thing Monday...
  • image I can't think of anything thats not funny. image
  • one question thats vitally important, water in bottles or cups? could swing my interest to an entry!

    Alan i did get an e-mail

  • Bottles. We don't do cups. Seems a strange influence on the decision making process. No idea if you got an email I'm afraid.
  • image Not fussed ever way and would still run but much prefer bottles because can put it up and run with it for the next mile. Problem is through as alan can probably say they are a lot more expensive and you have to move then about the course.
  • I'm in, (and just for Cake - it's the first time I've had to enter my age as the Hobbit coming of age) image
  • It's a week after my birthday Frodo and I HATE putting my age on thereimage
  • I'm not too bothered, unless it moves me up an age category, and then I would be throwing a bit of a tantrum! image

  • When I did the English half in Warrington in October I was put in the F50 category!image

    If I ever get hold of the RO I shall kill him...image

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