Water of Life 10k

Hi Everybody, as always the Water of Life HM is going to sell out well before race day but hopefully some of you will consider this shorter version run out over pretty much the same route - or perhaps recommend it to your partner if they are not as fit as you but would still like to be involved image


  • Hi

    My Friend and I are considering this 10k.  We are very slow fun runners who just run and gossip and would like to try and run a 10k.  Would this race be OK for us?  Do you think we would be embarressed or too slow for the event?

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭

    go and do it its the taking part that counts just go and have a good time
  • No-one is too slow to run, so coe along and just enjoy it image
  • I am also a slow fun runner - I'm targetting sub 60 mins for 10K - and this will be my first run of the year. I haven't done the event befoe but I know the area and it's really lovely so looking forward to it.
  • I ran the route today. The footpaths are almost impassable and the wooden bridges very slippery because of the mud. There is building work on part of the route that requires a diversion across temporary plastic paving. I would suggest the organisers look into re-routing the section through Temple onto roads, where possible.

    I'm looking forward to the run,

    Many thanks,

    Slow March

  • fantastic race, brilliantly orgnaised, well done all!

    Purple patch is so the way forward!


  • runlozrunrunlozrun ✭✭✭

    I did the HM and really enjoyed it.  The support was excellent at key points when you needed it.

    Would certainly run it again.

  • I did the half too. My sister, our mate Andy and I all Rocktart Runners. Great day, the marshals were amazing especially the lass at the half way point in the corner of a field. She should get a prize of Marshall of the year lol. We went to do a 2hr 25 and paced it to 2hrs 26. A pb lol as it was our 1st half. Feel good today as got home and massaged my legs to within an inch of their lives. Well done to everyone. What a great day image x
  • Totally agree with these comments, first time i've done this half marathon but i would do it again. Knocked 5 minutes of my PB so very pleased. Also agree about the marshal at the half way point, she was very enthusiastic which really helped during a difficult point.
  • Any idea if this route has sold out yet.  My first 10k since 2009 thinking of going for it.


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