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Santa brought me a Android smartphone (HTC Wildfire, if that is important), on to which I have downloaded a couple of different running apps (iMapmyRun, and BuddyRunner). The problem with both apps is that when this gives me my stats during my run, it pauses my music, but once the stats are finished, my music doesn't resume.

 Could anyone advise? Is it actually an issue with the music player? Basically, if anyone else is using Android, what combination of running and music apps actually work!


  • Give Runkeeper Pro a try, I've used it on an Iphone succesfully, its free all of January  so you'll save £6 as well.
  • Try Run.GPS. I tried Runkeeper Pro and felt it was poor compared to Run.GPS.

    The tracking was way off on Runkeeper I was running around a track and not a single lap appeared to be correct.

    Run.GPS has a shed load more features so worth trying out.

    I also use an external bluetooth GPS receiver. Saves battery on the phone, more accurate, picks the signal up faster, and doesn't tend to drop out like the internal one in my HTC Desire.

  • I've just started using Runkeeper Pro and it seems to work well for me on my Wildfire.

    You can set how often the audio cue gives you your stats and these are just played over the top of any music you are listening to.

  • I use cardio trainer, it is fantastic. There is a free version to try. Supports music, stats, interval training, auto pause, and the latest release apparantly even supports a heart rate monitor, although I haven't tried that feature.
  • My ipod has died and I've been wanting to purchase a gps watch for ages. The new Sony ericsson Xperia X8 looks like it may combine all my wishlist, the music/ radio and a training app to monitor run speed and distance. Has anyone used this or a similar app off road and if so what is the coverage like? Found a Forerunner for 205 for £99 and now really torn!!
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