Anyone who's applied the results of the ballot are on the site, happy to say I got into the CCC!


  • pah - that's only 1/2 way!

    but well done and good luck
  •   I know I know but in my defence I just don't have the points this year. And I'm scared. But it's mostly the points.image
  • hope you get better weather this year than they had last which turned the events - well UTMB at least - into a bit of a disaster of organisation.
  •    I heard about last years race and what happened, a friend of mine who's running the UTMB course this year ran the CCC last year but luckily went through as the CP closed behind her. I'm hoping that having what happened happen last year this year will be that much more organised.

     Any tips, advice as ever gratefully received

  • Dan ADan A ✭✭✭
    Very pleased to get my UTMB placed confirmed - for the fifth year in a row. After the crushing disappointment of the cancellation at Les Contamines last year, there's still unfinished business there (although I was lucky enough to get news of the restart, and managed to get round the revised course).

    Think I'll be the only one doing the GUCR in May as a training run...!

    Anyone else doing the MB marathon as part of the training???
  • Gutted that I didn't make it through the ballot.

    Anyone done the TDS? i've got the opportunity to transfer to that but not sure at the moment... I'm guessing the Ridgeway Challenge will be run the same weekend and I'm tempted to run that again as it's one of the best out there in my humble...

    TDS or Ridgeway? Someone help!

  • Can't help you with which would be better Robby but I always try for new experiences rather than rehashing old ones, no matter how good they were.....
  • Robby

    I ws planning to run the TDS instead of the CCC(alot less runners guaranteed places) but became unavailable for either. The TDS is supposed to be a great event , during my last ultra i was speaking to 2 lads who have ran it before and they said there are some fairly technical climbs but overall highly recommended

  • Also have a place on the CCC this year- cant wait!
    Robby- try and transfer to the TDS - at least you will get to experience similar mountain terrain and prepare you for the 'real deal' next year!! I agree with Lirish - I tend to go for different races each year.
    I started with the Mont Blanc marathon last year and will hopefully progress towards UTMB next year.
    Good luck in deciding!
  • Have transferred to the TDS. Looking forward to it and quite excited but no idea how I'm getting there or where I'm staying... any reccomendations?

    Also looking for some good long runs in the lead up. Have MightContainNuts 40 miles in Brecons in May. Other than that, nothing planned. Time to start scanning the events listings and being nice to the wife.

  • Bugger, completely forgot to get my medical cert sorted out, seem to remember someone from here being somewhat creative with theirs last year which I'd prefer to paying my GP for a full exam. Anyone have a template?

       Robby I'm staying here I think they still have room if you're still looking

  • Lirish - thanks for the link: it looks great. Still can't work out how long I'm going to stay. Can those on TDS register any time during the day on Wednesday? Had originally wanted to find a flight out on Thursday evening but think the timings of buses/planes might be a bit tight - and I'm not sure I want the extra worry to add to the already considerable worry of actually getting round the course!

    As for medical - you've got until the end of May, so plenty of time to get it sorted. The receptionists at my GP are, currently, insistent that he won't want to examine me and will just sign the form. He's currently on holiday so I've left it with them and pointed out that if he does sign it, he's doing so to confirm he's actually seen me... I'm hoping he won't charge me too much as not only are his kids in the same class as mine at school but he was the one, 4 years ago, who told me I could do with losing some weight, thus starting me on this ridiculous journey of ultras in the first place!

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    Are they only just confirming entrants into the UTMB - isnt that a bit late for an August race...?

    Interested in doing UTMB 2012.  How does the entry process work? 

    I know you need 5pts accumulated to enter the ballot, but over what period and when is the 2012 entry system open?  Im doing Malverns and Brecons Ultra this year, so I need find another 2pt-er.


    Endurance Coach @ DazCarterFitness.com
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  • Daz as far as I know it's five points from no more than two races over a period of two years prior to the race, it's now done on a ballot system and you can, as far as I remember pre register your interest in Sept after this years race.

     The ballot was held in Jan this year and as you would expect was about 40% oversubscribed for the UTMB

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    Thanks Liri.  Looks like I need a 3pt race then, ouch!
    Endurance Coach @ DazCarterFitness.com
    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • Daz,

    Lirish is correct - 5pts from two races run in the two years preceding the UTMB.

    The rules do change slightly from time to time, but they are currently listed here:


  • Bugger. Anyone else have trouble printing out the medical form? Everytime I try to print it only prints out the top half and not to doctors declaration at the bottom, any ideas?
  • Sorry Lirish - no such problems.

    Have you downloaded it to your computer? I don't know what software you have, but you might try opening it in an image application like Photoshop - or preview if you've got a mac is pretty good at dealing with all sorts of files.

    Or you can try creating your own form dropping in the logo etc?!

    I got mine signed off this morning...

    On another subject, I have a room booked at Chalet Pele for wednesday, thurs and friday nights... It's a double room so if anyone needs a place to stay, please let me know as sharing cost is significantly lower than single occupancy.

  • Cheers Robby, I had tried shouting at the computer and swearing a lot and that didn't work so I'll give what you suggested a go....
  • And here's another question. If all goes well with the C.C.C in August I'm planning on using it as my 3 pointer for the UTMB ballot for the 2012 race. Question is the only 2 pointer on the UTMB site after August seems to be Hardmoors, does anyone know of any others? I know they have a criteria of distance and elevation for the points and you can apply to have a race recognised if you think it fits, anyone know of any others?
  • Lirish - Did you do London to Brighton last year. that would count as a 2 pointer?

    Anyone else,  - I am doing CCC this year. Will be in Chamonix on  27th June for 4 days altitude/reconnaisance training if anyone is up for it.

  • Also had problems printing off the medical form - thought I was going crazy!!! Ive now just cut/pasted the writing onto a Word doc and have stuck their logo at the top - its going to have to do!!!
  • good luck nomad runner but i think the cut off for the medical form was yesterday.
  • I can only dream of something as useful as reconnaissance training at the moment. Have damaged something in my left foot - possible stress fracture, or ruptured tendon, doctor unsure and x-ray not conclusive - and can barely walk let alone run. It's getting me down as I'm missing great running weather and having to do my cardio in the pool. I'm also worrying that once I've finished my so-called 6 weeks recovery, I'll only have about 6 weeks to get in shape for the TDS. Going to be hell.

  • Ian L2B last year is a bit of a sore point for me, I had a bit of a dispute with extreme running who basically ignored me for months, sold my place then refused to refund/transfer or defer my entry.
    I feel for you robby I'm only just getting back from ITB issues, still haven't run more than 15 miles this year. Hope whatever it is gets sorted soon. Have you looked into getting an MRI?
  • Extreme running have developed something of a reputation...
    I ran two years ago and it was a great event, but assumed some of the organisational problems were due to 'teething' as it was only the second year they'd run it.
    I haven't looked into an MRI - dr has told me to wear an air-blown splint but for some reason seems to think I should pay for it myself... about £60 worth!
    ITB - plenty of abductor strengthening. Clams with a physio dyna-band are great. Pilates is also great as it strengthens and stabilises pelvis, abductors etc and helps keep steady form while running - most importantly keeping legs straight, preventing them rolling in or out.
    You should also stretch the calves as, when they are tight, they pull the feet outwards and put pressure on the ITB.
    I suffered an ITB injury 20 miles into the L2B. A couple of other runners kicked my round the rest of the course and I finished with 5 minutes to spare and tears rolling down my cheeks. Couldn't walk for about a week and it was agony!
  • Robby, those were tears of joy if I remember corectly image. Sorry to hear you are injured, hope you get it diagnosed asap so you can get it fixed and get out there.
  • Mr Immune - one half of the team that kicked me around L2B! Tears of joy... mmm. Perhaps half of them were! As I remember it, you were in a fair bit of pain yourself towards the end. We were both a bit quicker on the Thames Trot though - your sprint finish was much admired... from about 400 yards back!

    It's good to hear from you. I've barely run since a short sprint around the Reading Half Marathon. I got tendonitis shortly after and missed a 40-miler in Newbury; then, the week of the MightContainNuts Brecon 40 miler I did this thing to my left foot. That was three weeks ago and I'm still in pain. Has Rob recovered from his broken leg?

    What are you up to next? Beginning to seriously doubt my ability to be ready in time for TDS... but flights booked, accommodation sorted... it's going to be a tough call.

  • nomad runner - did you get your medical cert in time?
  • Ah bugger, I'm trying to post a question on the UTMB forum to see if the Mammut Packaway jacket conforms to the new regulations but I can't seem to get past logging in to the forum screen, my schoolboy French then tells me they're looking for a pseudonym? I'm adjusted my personal data page but that doesn't work either.

     Ideas anyone?

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