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  • Trainings going fine thanks BB club run last night, enjoy going out with the club as it takes me outside my comfort zone into faster running territory. IT band stripping is more painful than child birth IMOimage

    Loads of videos on You Tube about foam rollers Lisa. Belly dancing sounds fun.

    Hope everyone is well and injury free.

  • Completed my 11 mile run today bring the weeks total to 24.4 miles.....

    What surprised me was I managed to maintain my pace for the whole run. I always find the first 15 mins hard work.....

    My schedule next week looks slightly different with no long runs but all of them between 4 and 6 miles... Then back to the long runs the week after. At least now I think I will be able to complete the HM...
  • Well done Lisa sounds like you've had a great week.

    You'll complete your half mara no problem.

  • Woohoo well done Lisa your complete the half marathon easy how quick did you do it in? and belly dancing would love to give that a go image How did you get into it?

    I really need to join a running club bet it helps with motivation aswell! Would be a bit nervous I couldn't keep up though!

    I've had a rubbish few days very frustrating Friday there was not enough hours in the day to train. Sat I felt so tired and drained I didn't have the energy. Finally got out Sunday for a slow slow 4 miler - it was meant to be my long run day image very annoyed at myself!Hopefully will pick up again this week image Trying to be positive!

    Happy running guys
  • Hi BB

    I started belly dancing after picking up a card in the local bakers.. It just sounded good fun ! Luckily none of us take ourselves too seriously.......

    I managed the 11 miles in 1:57 the average was 10:40 per mile... Which would make 13 miles about 2:20..... But then I think I need to add on another half hour for the hills ! If I complete it in under 3 hours I will be happy, 2:45 would be great and I will work as hard as I can to get to 2:30 but wont be heart broken if I don't manage it, for me just completing a half marathon will be a major achievement.

    I had a couple of bad weeks like you have described in Jan..... But it will get better, and getting out and doing a something is far better than nothing.

    I haven't joined a running club, like you I don't think I would be able to keep up and also sticking to the fixed dates and times would be difficult for me, I normally fit my running in around work, I quite often work evenings and weekends.

    I also enjoy running on my own, I can be in my own world, listen to music and just enjoy it image I have always been worried that making it more regimented would stop my enjoyment.
  • I can highly recommend running clubs I am really really slow but someone always runs with me. My club is really friendly and they are always keen to encourage and pass on tips etc.
  • (first post ever on RW here, btw)

    I'm down for the Readin HM in March, which will be my second HM, the first one being reading two years ago, which was my first ever race (can't recall exactly what get me persuaded to try it now image

     I seem to be progressing okay so far, on week 6 of training for it, and a lot more structured than the last time. When I did reading last, I had no idea of training plans, so just did runs of various lengths, all at roughly the same speed, with my "speedwork" being indoors sports I was still doing. Was quite happy to get around in 1.50, but my legs were stiff for a while the next few days

    Now with following a training plans, and more milage the last time, I'm hoping to improve the time, but not sure how much I should be realisticly be aiming to chop off, I'm aiming for 1.40, which I think is atainable, time will tell. Am following the sub 140 training scheule so far, so have two 12 milers under my belt that last two weekends, it was quite good to be able to finish a 12 mile run at about the same pace as my original HM without the legs feeling totally burnt out.

     Am still new enough to running to  find it hard ot grasp how much difference 5 minutes makes, years ago I would have heard 1.40/1.45/1.50 for a HM and thought they were much the same time, but now it's starting to sink in what differnece these minutes can make! Just hope that I haven't underestimated the jump from 1.50 to 1.40, even if this time aroundI'm training a lot better.


  • Morning,

    Welcome IrishMartin, and as a second timer you can give us all advice image..... Your defiantly get your time down if your following a structured program and considering you got 1.50 is pretty fast without a good training program! What's the secret?? Let us know how the trainings going? and good luck

    The training has picked back up and its only really sunk in today 3 more Sundays till race day eeeek....Had a really good run Monday and Wednesday. Tried to get up before work today for a 4 miler but stupidly forgot to change the settings on my phone alarm image opps. 9 miler tomorrow though really excited about making up for my pathetic run last week wooop.

    Oh and biker mouse i've been trying some Post running yoga stretches found there really good, Thanks again for the link been browsing here and there: http://www.runnersworld.com/video/1,8052,s6-1-0-5,00.html?bcpid=2888993001&bckey=AQ~~,AAAAABjSC4E~,YBF36HfcFnaHKh5WF6u2O3Ty4YWSlyjE&bclid=1504353751&bctid=737678634001 and

    Glad your enjoying the belly dancing Lisa might have to look into it if i find a class that's not too serious! I've hear pole dancing is a really good workout aswell, but I wouldn't want to turn up to a bunch of long legged people that take it far to seriously image

    Ooooo one more thing I found a running club close to my house - going turn up first and see the standard before I join though...

    Hows everyone else getting on! Nearly there.....


  • Buzzing - sorry to stalk you on here, but if you wanna come back to the weight challenge thread you are more than welcome to join Team Leftovers.  I would have PM'd you this rather than grab you on here, but you do not have your PM enabled
  • Well my calf seems to be getting better so I'm going to look for a hm to train for.

    It's got to be off road and hilly.

    I would like to do Seaford again, I came 3rd vet lady first and only time I ran it but it's the day after South Downs relay - don't think I could do both. image

    That leaves Milland in Aug, though not a half mara or Firle or Pilgrims in Sept / Oct.

  • Hi y'all.

    Just four weeks to go to the Steyning Stinger now.  Finished my first race of the year yesterday - the Chichester 10K in 61 minutes.  It was a tough enough run after a stop-start training month through December/January, so I'm happy(ish).

    Now ... If anyone has any advice I'd appreciate it.  I'm going from road to a x-country/trail race in four weeks time - my top distance (ever) is 11 miles on-road, 9 miles off-road, and the Stinger is (obviously) a HM.... so, it's a stretch for me.

    So, given the 'taper' the week before the race, I've effectively got three weeks left to train for this.  I'd appreciate any advice.  My brother (who has run a few HM's and M's) has suggested that I should concentrate solely on LSR's over the next three weeks on varying terrain.  In other words, forget speedwork as I'm not aiming to win the race (as-if), just to finish the damn thing in one-piece/reasonable shape.

     Take care all!


  • Agree. Forget any idea of speed work.

    Do shorter hilly runs. Steyning is very hilly - the hm has 2 or 3 big hills and lots of ascent / decent. What has your training been to date. What has been your longest run this year?

    Personally I'd just run off road. If you are near the downs I'd run there. You may find it useful to add some hill work - just hill undulations. A short hilly route that is approx a mile long that you can run 3 or 4 times with a rest between each circuit. No need to go at it hammer and tongs, just work at a steady pace.

    Where are you based?

  • Hi Spartakrunner,

    Looks like we are both at about the same place training wise... I'm planning on switching my long Sunday run to cross country again this weekend and still do my mid week runs on roads, mainly because it is dark when I run mid week.

    My mid week runs are a bit up and down hill, I don't think anywhere in Steyning is flat ! I'm planning on doing 3 more runs of 11 miles each over the downs and mid week runs of between 3 and 10 miles....

    Starting to feel quite nervous about it all...

  • Hi Spartakrunner, I am going to be doing my first half ( Hastings) in 6 weeks. It looks like your training is going really well!

    I have been doing some parkrun 5ks as some short speed runs to try and work on my speed mixed with some long runs (10/12miles). The race I am doing has quite a bit of incline to say the least, the first 6/7miles are all upward bound, so I have been putting in some good hill training or trying too!

    I am begining to worry about it too, I worry I may become overwhelmed by the whole event , as I never thought I would ever get to this point!

  • Hi Lisa, biker-mouse...

    I'm not nervous about it, it's a kind of 'i can't wait for it but I know it's going to be a really tough challenge' sort of feeling. It COULD be beyond what I'm capable of? But that's also what makes it attractive. Not sure I'm making sense to you, but it makes sense to me!!!

    I'm based in East Preston, near Littlehampton, b-m, Highdown Hill is close to me and where I ran the Duck Pond Waddle 15k cross in early December. Late December had little training due to illness and a three year old who didn't sleep much right through to a week ago, keeping my wife and I up for a good bit of every night - this has settled down now.

    I've been doing about 25 miles a week on road, with occasional runs on Highdown and one short run near Steyning. I've also done a few short (120 metre) hill repeats on Highdown and on Primrose Hill near where I work in London.

    Good advice about longer slower hill repeats. Highdown has a stretch of about three quarters of a mile that I could run back and forth on over the next three weeks, and I'm lucky enough to work from home 3 days a week, so I could do this at least once a week....

    Lisa - I think you're a good bit ahead of me if you're doing regular 10/11 miles. I've only done one at that distance ever(!) - two weeks ago - on road. You'll be in good shape for the Stinger I think, and your training plan seems spot on to me!!
    However, when I ran over your way two weeks ago it was pretty muddy, and since then there has been more rain - in Littlehampton at least, so it could be interesting.

    For me it's about plodding on on the day - not lazily, but steadily - not to run up each hill, but not to just walk up and run down either ... I want to get to the free after-race brekka with a sense of satisfaction and a desire to want to do similar races again - in Sunshine perhaps!!!

    Take care, both - thanks for the advice


  • Hello Sharon - what I have found is that I love the occasion ( more at the end than the start, mind). Everyone at an event seems to be in the same boat, even if they're much quicker than you are, because I think everyone's goal is against themselves? So in that sense a feeling of nervousness is good - everyone feels that I think.

    Good luck in Hastings - I don't know the area well, but a 7 mile steady uphill at the start sounds ... Er..... 'interesting'...

  • Sharon. Just take it easy.

    A lot of people use Hastings as a pb course so it will be a fast start. try not to get caught up in this.Start out slowly. Remember that once that hill is out of the way there is a nice down hill and a flat finish. Once you are over the hill you can assess how much is left in the tank and how hard you can push. Hold something back for the finish so that you can 'sprint' across the line. Not that it will effect your time but it feels so good. image


    I may go for a hilly run later this week and see how it feels. I have always wanted to run Steyning. I mat enter on the day and use it as a training run.

  • Hastings: Spoiler


    looking at the hill profile. it undulates for the first 8.5 miles with the longest ascent being between 3 and 5.5 miles. A long downhill between 8 and 11 miles then flat.

    Total ascent 237m / 778'

    Having a varied profile helps to keep the race interesting. image

  • Looking at the rain outside I think I'm in for a very muddy run on Sunday !
  • imageimage

    And slippery. glad I did my hills on Weds.

    Hope it's stopped raining by next Weds.

  • Had a good run today, 10.75 miles over the hills behind Steyning. Completed in 2:12 knocking about 8 mins off my previous time for this route.

    VERY muddy, very windy and raining. It has made me realise I still need to do more hill work than I have been doing if I'm ever going to find these events easier..... Total mileage for the week 26.41 miles.

    Hope everyone else has been having fun !
  • Trainings looking good guys lots of running and no injuries and Lisa your 8min improvement in the mud and rain is v impressive image

    JUST UNDER 2 WEEKS eeeeeeeeeeeeek
    Last big push this week image Think most of us are feeling the nerves I know I am cant wait for all this work to pay off and I really hope I hit my target time - fingers crossed!!

    Went to my first group running sesh last Wednesday and it was really good much more relaxed than i expected - running with people really pushed me and I managed to keep up....... I going to join the club fully after the race - I'm hopping it will keep pushing me to continue running and maybe enter another later in the year.............

    Sharon my race is pretty tough with lots of hills but just take your time and like biker mouse said enjoy the varied profile image

    Great stuff guys nearly there x
  • The end of another week and today's run was 13.47 miles in 2:44:03 through the mud that is otherwise known as the South Downs..... Just rinsed my trainers and they are now draining before sitting back next to the AGA to dry out.....

    This is the furthest I have ever run... But at least I now know my legs can cover the HM distance although I still struggle with the hills. Total mileage for the week 26.84 miles image
  • WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO My first half is over and in under and in 2.27 so just within my goal! i feel great it killed me though and the hills were so hard! my butt and quads are in bits even two days later but my achievement makes the pain worth wild image

    My advice or what i've learnt is run your own race and don't try keep up with the crowd - I may have got a little caught up in the moment and i was punished later in the race haha Also, talk to people I meet two lovely men who were also running there first and it really made me relax image

    Great work Lisa with all the running i wish you and everyone else every success... Talking to runners at the event there is so much to learn and improve on I want to get under 2 hours next time (Yes there is going to be a next time)Hows everyones training going not long now for many of you? I look 4ward to reading all the success stories keep running people! x
  • Well done ! That is a great time image

     Starting to feel a bit nervous... what training did you do the week before BB ?? 

  • Thank you image Sorry haven't been on in a while...... How was your half Lisa?? Tell me all image And now that you have achieved this, what have you got planned next?? x
  • Just under two weeks to my half here, and feeling fairly well.

    Had a bit of blip in training a few weeks back, a 12 mile steady run took a bit out of me (not carbed up, and forgot my drinks container, I think) so had to ease off on the milage a bit.

    Think I'm getting back on track again, did a 10k on Sunday which was a very hilly course, and loved it. Was treating it as a warmup to the 1/2 marathon, trying to run it according to my target 1/2M pace to see if I could do it, or needed readjust it down a bit (am aiming for either 1.40 or 1.45, having done it in 1.50 in 2009) So, if I coulnd't do 10k in 1.40 pace, not much chance of doing 21k.

    Was nervous as even the 1.40 pace for 10k would be close to my previous pb for 10k, so was thinking I'd bitten off too much. As it happens, the hills made pacing keeping nigh impossible, as the paces went all over the place with uphills and downhills, so just kept an eye on pace in the few places it was flat. My hill work must have paid off, as I loved the hills, and made up more time downhill than lost going up, so came home comfortably under my 1/2 marathon target pace, and bet my 10k pb in the process image

    So, in the last week of training, just doing some steady miles mostly to keep legs moving, and looking forward to two weeks time image


  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭
    Have entered Three Forts Half on May 1st. Very hilly and over the Downs. Am aiming for sub 2hrs.
  • Hello image

    My half went really well, far better than I expected and I completed it in 2:26:59 image I had been aiming for 2:45

    Luckily it was dry the week before and it had dried out quite a bit. I did end up with a blister on one foot that burst and started bleeding image I think this is due to the fact my trainers have come to the end of their life and I have started running in their replacements.

    So, what next ? Unfortunately I work quite a few weekends during the summer and lots of the other races I wanted to do fall on dates I'm working, like the three forts and barns green half so I'm currently looking at entering a half on the 9th oct that starts at Denbies vineyard in Dorking. Before that I have entered three 10k races, the first is on the 17th April. I have also signed up for the race for life in July and I am planning on running the Round Hill Romp in Steyning in July, so I have plenty to carry on working towards ! I would like to get my 10k time down to sub 55 mins over the next 3 races and then to approx 50 mins by November.....
  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    Well done on the races Lisa and Buzzing B

    ouch with the blister though Lisa. I have never had one that bad.

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