Training with gym balls

What do you think are the best exercises to do with a gym ball to improve all round core stability and running speed? Am a marathon runner, and have just bought one.


  • the best one, if you want to watch TV while you're doing it, is:

    Lie on your back, calves resting on the ball. Pull your body up to a bridge (obviously bearing in mind usual safety and good sense thingies about overarching your back). Keep it there for a count of -ooh, five, ten, 20 - whatever your fitness dictates. Then slowly return to earth and repeat ad nauseam. The natural wibblywobblyness of the ball while you're trying to stay still and in the right position does wonderful things for your core muscles.
  • There are lots of good exercises if you do them correctly. A physio showed me some and I have a good book - The Core Workout by Joanne Elphinston and Paul Pook. I've been using the ball for abs and glutes.
  • Simple ab crunches on a ball are utterly excruciating. Worth doing, honest.
  • Full length press-ups with your feet on the ball are interesting too
  • Especially when you fall off.
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