Selsdon Half Marathon

Anyone do this last year?


  • I believe only 20 or so people did it last year. I was going to but have entered the colchester hm on the Sunday instead. I would imagine the course is very hilly.
  • i live in the selsdon area and yes it is hilly, but think of all that lovely

    resistance traiing you'd be getting plus there's nothing quite like beating a hill.....

     I wasn't able to run it last year as i was doing the London marathon so

    had to give it a miss, but i train around the area and did 14 miles around a similar course

    thats shown, yes its hilly, but the worlds not flat is it...............

     Good luck to any that enter

    its been emotional........


  • Amazingly, the new Croydon half, scheduled for 8 days later, is already full up with 500 entrants. Time to get an in entry for this one then, I suspect. Paul
  • World of difference between the two races Paul!

    One has road closures, chip timed and a route that does not cross any main roads, okay has to cross the tram line 3 times but will be well marshalled.

    The other is a very much do it your self race and you might need to take a map!

  • Hi Johnny, and thanks for the update. Do I take it that marshalls may be a bit thin on the ground?
  • As it's run by a Church I'm sure God will provide enough marshalls to guide you around. (Sorry couldn't resist myself!) However if you look at both race sites you will see that one has a race certificate and has been officially measured while the other has not.

    So you pays your money to take your choice.

  • Dutch Johnny,
    I think we should support anyone (Clubs or local Churches) that are prepared to take time out to organize running events whether they are affiliated or not because us runners would be lost without them.

    I was hoping to run both of these half's but yours sold out before I had a chance to enter it, so I will just be running the Selsdon half.

    The one thing I do like about the Selsdon route is it will be proper challenge as it takes in some of Croydon's toughest hills

    I do hope that in years to come both of these events grow and and become established in the runners calendar as Croydon is big enough to support both races.
  • I'm running in it because almost every race in this country is on a Sunday.  Thankfully this one was organised by a church group for the sole purpose of having a race on a Saturday.  I know it's not a sanctioned race, but who cares.  This will be my first half-marathon and I am looking forward to it, even if it is hilly.  See you all there, and happy running.
  • i would like to this one, how to get there from london? i do not have car. any idae?
  • From East Croydon you get a 64 bus which stop across the road from the Church.

    I see the signage and mile markers are all up I just hope the locals don't take any down

  • The website says the event is full now so don't know how big the field is?

    Being local I have done a cut down version of the route and can say at least it begins with a gentle downhill! before a steep climb up spout hill . I ran it on a wet day and after the seemingly endless climb up towards kings wood Iane I had great fun skirting around the water filled bridleway section through the woods! Yes it is quite tough but a far more interesting route than flat and more flat.

    Happy running to all taking part and hope you enjoy it.
  • I take my hat of to the Guy's that organised this loads of Marshal's and and miles markers all in the right places.
    The hill at 12 miles was a killer but this event is here to stay.
    Well done all nice to have a Half on my door step.
  • Recovering from the Selsdon Half.
    I have to agree what a well organised run this was. We were warmly greeted by friendly marshals and directed to number collection points and areas
    where baggage could be left safely.
    The varied terrain made the route challenging but interesting too! One minute Kent gate way then a hill taking us to leafy Croydon and beyond and up and up to Hamsey Green. A short section past woods and open fields with horses was a pleasant contrast to urban streets. Then yes I agree mile 12 was pretty tough especially when energy levels are low.
    Down hill to the finish was a good moral boost and the warm reception at the finish together with t shirt and goody bag is a thumbs up from me.

    Looking forward to next year!
  • I have to agree that the event was very well organised. The marshals were friendly and the signs were easy to see. I did nearly go the wrong way at one crossing, but someone was there to direct me back on the right track. I enjoyed the route, though I would rather not see that last hill again. Still, I look forward to next year. It was an enjoyable morning for me and my family. We came all the way from Norfolk for the race and loved the beautiful countryside.
  • I too was suitably impressed with the organisation, and at £10 a time, it doesn't get much better than that. It was a surprise to find a hill that was difficult to even walk up at mile 12. It put me in mind of the now defunct Epsom Charity Half which saved the worst of the pain for the end. The organisers have referred to the possibility of its becoming a full 26.2 miles in time. Now that really would hurt!

  • I too found the organisation excellent.I ran with a folded map of the route, but didn't need it, it was well marshalled and signed. The terrain was very interesting - in my mind, much bettter that a flat route.

    I plan on entering next year's event - cost has gone up slightly, but still worth it. Not sure what happened to the pictures that were taken at the end though.

  • Hi everyone

    Honestly - How bad are these hills?! I am in the area that weekend and may be staying at the Selsdon Park hotel so I am so close by. We dont have many hills up here in Leicester so am used to running mainly flat - will it kill me off?!


  • There is one short steep hill after a mile or so and what seem a killer at 12 miles other than that its not as bad as it could be.
  • Piece of cake, Emma. I'm coming back for more in 2012. It just seemed more difficult at the time than it really was.
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