Please help! I'm 20yrs old & have been running for 1yr. I did the london marathon this year (3hr 17mins) and I have been fine with my training up until 3wks ago. I've gone from running 35mile a week to about 5, I'm just so tierd when I run! My legs feel really heavy & after 20mins I'm tierd out! I have know problems with gym work, it's just running! Please help me!


  • Take a week off, start again and if you still feel the same, see a doc, (one sympathetic to runners).
    PS make it s real week off Don't fret about not running,
  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    Definitely don't fret.

    Definitely get checked out for anaemia.

    A week really (really, that is) off from running should give minor bugs the chance to buzz off, or else make themselves known.

    If you've been reading through training threads, you'll remember that there isn't a person on them who hasn't the experience of going sluggish like this. A lot of the experienced ones even seem to expect it, so at least it doesn't upset them when it happens.
  • Thank you to both Stickless & David. I'll give running a rest for a week, thanks for the advice.
  • And when you start back don't hammer yourself.you will get tired if you go flat out all the time.Plus look at the rest of your life - food/work/play & make sure you are not overdoing it generally & not eating properly.

    Could be a wake up call to sort your schedule out if gym work is still ok
  • That's a fantastic time in a year's training! Sounds like it's catching up with you.

    Yep, take a complete rest for a week. If symptoms persist see a quack (but not one whose only solution will be `Well don't run then'.
  • In reply to the barnsley runner, that's what most of the doctors say, sadly! I think I have been overdoing it abit and not eating properly and I think it sounds like it might have caught up with me!

    I've been to the doctors recently as I was suffering from a bad pain in my chest which has now been suggested to be due to a high roughage diet with not enough carbs, sounds like the tierdness might be due to similar thing.
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