Brighton and London Marathon 2011

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Somewhat foolishly I entered and have been accepted for both the Brighton and London Marathon in April 2011 - it did seem a good idea at the timeimage

As we enter the second part of January and training starts to pick up, I wonder if any other forumites are running both races?

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  • not this year - did that last year! I suspect there will be a good few doing both again this year

    it's no big deal in reality if you do nothing or very little between the 2 events as your legs do recover from Brighton but don't expect miracles at London

    my approach was to race Brighton and enjoy London - and that's roughly how it panned out. in fact I was only 10 mins slower at London
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    I ran Brighton last year and will use this as my main race out of the 2 and follow your approach fat buddha by attempting to "enjoy" London

  • Hi - im new to these forums but googled this question and found this thread!

     I had originally entered the Brighton Marathon 2011 having run a few halves at Uni in around 1.30 - 1.40 (i foolishly ran a 1.40 after a friends birthday weekend and hangover, oops!). So i have been training on and off the last 6 months and run a few 10k's in around 38-39min and was aiming for a 3.15 marathon providing i could manage te mileage increase!

     However i was offered a place in the london this year just today and was planning to do either one or the other, or take a leap of faith and try to do both. Realistically, considering i have a decent running background over x-countries etc, would it be feasible to run both and recover in between?? i would probably do as some of you are saying by racing the brighton and enjoying the london...

     the irony is im a fitness instructor with a degree in sport science, and for the majority of first time marathon runners who asked me on this i would probably advise against it, but i suppose i am looking for both honest opinion and moral support on this one! especially from those with far superior experience than me in this field!

    Thankyou in advance!


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    I completed the Beachy Head Marathon last year which was a killer of a race

    Eating afterewards I spoke to a couple who had run a marathon the previous week and were doing Beachy Head for 'fun' 

     I'm hoping if I train sensibly and get in a regular sports massage that I'll be able to do both okay

  • Matt, if it was me, and it could have been but have given up my London place!  I would concentrate on getting your training on target.  The milage will be in your legs for London if you have trained properly for Brighton.

    Training needs to be consistant and  specific to the marathon. 

  • I'm down to run both this year, and still ca't make my mind up.

    I originally thought as everyone else has, that I would go for a PB in Brighton, and then take my time and enjoy London, but I think I might just postpone London for a year (been waiting 10 years to get in) and do it in 2012

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