Bluntisham/Earith/Colne Running Partners wanted

Hi all

With some good advice in the forums it has been said this could be a place to start looking for a running partner/s or club.

Just started running again 2 weeks ago and absolutely loving it.

Doing 3.5 miles and guessing some motivation to push a little harder would help me.

Anyway, hope someone can help.




  • DLDL ✭✭✭

    Ha- have found you.

    Sadly I am nowhere near you - geographically speaking, so cannot be of running buddy assistance. If you move to the midlands do post again - Spence is always looking for people to enter races with her! image

    Good luck with your quest

  • Ah yes..I know the Midlands well.

    Spence?  image 

  • Hunts AC at St Ivo Outdoor. We meet at 7pm on a tuesday and thursday. Everyone's welcome!image
  • Thanks very much for this, i have seen you guy's out and about reg in the evening's.

    I really wanted something i could do from my back door so if there is anyone who fancies running the villiages please let me know but twice a week at a club sounds fantastic too!

    I have found that i am enjoying running far more than i ever expected so most nights really.



  • OK..Going to keep adding the odd post to keep it near the top so people will see it!

    Does feel a little odd that i am posting this to myself though imageimage

  • I went to Hunts AC for a while and met a couple of girls who live within two minutes walk away. Now we rarely go to the club and just meet at mine and go from there. I still go to club every now and again and still pay my subs - it's a good way to meet someone maybe who lives in one of your villages.

     Good Luck anyway! image

  • That was a great piece of news, exactly what i am after plus the social aspect of going to a club once or twice per week.

    Thanks image

  • Just keeping the hope alive! Ha ha ha ha! Whaaaaooooooohh think im losing it in here  imageimageimageimage
  • Hey!!!

    Still searching....image

  • ...ST. ives running club Tuesday i think, just hope it really is a begginers welcome club or im gonna faint. image
  • Hey I live in colne! I tried to set up a running club around the villages! Think someone is doing the same at the moment called bluntisham runners! I am up for a few runs where are you??
  • Bluntisham Runners meet at the barograph in Bluntisham on a Wednesday evening at 7pm for a 30ish minute run. All welcome.

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