Femeroacetabular Impingement



  • Hello all, good to hear from everybody!

    Dav0 - that is brilliant about you being able to get back to a normal life with your work and being pain free-congratulations because you bloody well suffered!. You must be made up about it. Good advice about the anti-inflams am now taking 400mg ibprofen after my main evening meal and its doing no harm, and also about rehab protocols. Yes i went with Dr Villar.

    Bumble - very interesting reading as we both had the same surgeon, and very similar issues with FAI/labral tear. It hits home what you say about physio - I have a lot of confidence in my physio, I saw her previously for a number of sessions earlier in the year before my FAI was diagnosed and my pain was thought to be solely groin issues. Well it was partly groin issues caused by a poor core - poor transversus abdominus and poor right glute - this physio noticed these problems with a thorough first assesment and got work on them straight away teaching me pilates-based strenghthening exerises as well as glute work. The result was that 3 areas of groin pain reduced to 1 lingering area which eventually turned out to be the hip causing this. So, as well as sorting the groin, i hope that this work serves as a sort of 'prehab' to aid the FAI surgery recovery, and minimizes risk of bursitis etc. Going by Davo's overall story optimum physio really is very important.

    What also strikes a chord about your story, Bumble, is your ineffectual first physiotherapist and how this has contributed to your problems, which the 2nd physio had to fix. I too had a useless first physiotherapist who was a bluffer and a bullshitter and didn't know anything about groins or hips, in hindsight. With being off work at the moment and having a little time I think I will do a separate thread on this website about this. Watch out for it!

    And Pipes your progress is great! How I look forward to a return to parkrun though I will have to make to with slower times i think! Keep posting as I am interested in post op running abilities.

    As for me, am wary of jinxing myself and am aware from this thread that problems may ensue post op, but am relatively pleased with how things have gone, at 18 day or 2.5 weeks post op. I have now largely dispensed with the crutches, and walk with a limp but a limp which i think has reduced slighly from yesterday.I can't say I am in pain, get the odd twang but generally OK. Get the odd twang in an adductor or two, and a sensation in my greater trochanter. Hope it settles further thus.

    Pipes, I do 20 mins on exercise bike with no resistance, and today was my second day in the pool. Do simple walking in water, then do some stretching exercises (that i have thus far been doing on dry land), some holding on to side of pool and kicking exercises as per front crawl. I also go into the deep end, and without moving my legs, tread water to do a wee bit of CV and upper body. On dry land am contining with glute squeezing and other exercises.

    I also continue with physio where they are happy enough but notice my adductors tightening, they massage and stretch these for me. God himself only knows what that 1st physio clown i went to would attempt to do.

    My (good) left hip I have this feeling will end up being scoped.

    Am reading a lot of cycling books, just finished 'the flying Scotsman' by Graeme Obree great story would recommend it. My head is pondering how to get that long distance endurance buzz I used to crave. I will pester my physio again tomorrow for her opinions on my future running limitations.

    Just a question for people to mull over - so we have had this bit of bone jagging into labrum/ cartilage and destroying it. The bone is now gone, the cartilage repaired. Logic would dictate that no more damage can be done to the hip in this way as the bony perpetrator has b

  • Quick question for you parklife .. you mentioned some groin issues you had in your post above caused by a poor core which, following exercises prescribed by your physio, reduced to just the pain from the labral tear.  How long did it take for the pain to improve once you started these exercises and, also, how long before it disappeared completely?  Didn't have a good day yesterday pain-wise so you get a bit fixated as to whether this damn groin pain is ever going to go.  Maybe I'm being impatient (no change there then!) as the physio has said she expects it to be at least the middle of this year before I'll be able to run. Thanks.

    ps glad to hear you think your recovery is going OK. Better to take it steady and take a bit longer to heal properly than try to do too much too soon and pay the price!!

  • Hi Bumble, i would say the groin pain diminished over a matter of weeks, getting rid of the pain in 2 groin areas, and leaving me with discomfort from what was then discovered to be labral tear/impingement. I think it would have been sessions of physio for approx 4-5 months back then, however, the first sessions the physio concentrated on getting rid of a lot of scar tissue that had formed around the adductors - through a 'frictioning' technique which was sensitive to have done - like a pinching quick massage on the adductors. It also included 3-4 sessions at the end where she tried grading me back to running but the little bit of discomfort persisted re labral.

    I hadn't even heard of pilates or core back then, unbelievable as it is now, and so i was an absolute beginner when she came to teach me the transversus abdominus breathing/pilates and glute work which she methodically built up session after session. I didn't have the I.T or bursitis issues that you are having, though with this surgery theres always the risk.

    I think your physio is being realistic, but in my case i could feel the groin gradually getting better, and could feel my core and glutes getting stronger. It was also reassuring for me to be under a physio who knew what she was talking about and who was very methodical and grounded all her work in theory, unlike the first timewaster i went to see. Really is worth setting aside time each day to religiously do the exercises, boring as they are. Its the thought of them which is boring, but once i got on with it was alright each day. And ask you physio about anti-inflams, but also if its middle of the year before you can run, can you use exercise bike and go swimming before this?

    Good physio is essential, as i have learned.

  • OK, am 4 weeks post op tomorrow. Have a bit of a downer last 3 days.

    I seem to have plateaued. I am recovering well from the incision/operation etc, every day I limp a little less.

    However, the groin irritation/discomfort which I had pre-op and just wouoldnt go away and which was eventually said to be referred pain from labral tear/impingement, seems to have remained at exactly the same level.

    Only since the incision pain has diminished have I been able to diminish this. This is worrying me a bit - has operation not been able to clear up the source of the pain, resulting in ongoing groin pain?

    Alternatively, it could still all be in the process of healing post-op, I hope this is the case. Nonetheless, but a bit demoralising to have exactly the same low-level dull sensation and twinges of pain in exactly the same area as i did pre-op, while everything else improves. Worrying.

    I will step up my ibprofen to 400mg x3 daily. I continue to use exercise bike 20 mins a day with slowly increasing resistance, and am in the pool walking around or running widths with hips just below water line. I might just ease the physical stuff.Also doing little exercises re glutes and core etc

    Prob back to work monday.

  • Parklife, 4 weeks post op is nothing in the context of the realistic recovery time mate. I would imagine your joint is still pretty inflammed from the surgery and this would account for the groin pain you are experiencing. This was certainly the case with me...

    I would urge caution with overdoing the cycling - important initially to get and maintain rom, but can irritate your joint if you go at it too hard - and be diligent in your glute and core exercises, which i know you will be doing anyway. You sound a typical 'type A' personality - like me - so just be careful not to hammer it too much and you will get there... Good luck back at work, but fer chrissakes take it easy!!

  • Hi all, Parklife, sorry to hear you are still having pain post op, must be demoralising, hope it fixes itself and is just in the healing process as you say.

    I am still waiting for my op date. For those of you who have had surgery, how long did it take before you went back to work, want to advise my employer of what it might be.

    I can work from home and do so now when hip not so good, but not sure what docs/surgeon might advise (I realise we all repair at different rates) but just wandered how others felt post op and what you did.



  • Good advice Davo just what i needed toi wind my neck in! Have stopped the exercise bike and the swimming will give this a miss for a couple of days and just concentrate on glute and core exercises. With bumping up the anti-inflams today it all doesn't feel quite so angry.

    Rebecca, I'm 4 weeks post op today and am considering to go back to work on Monday, but I also might wangle another week off. Still walking with a limp though discarded crutches over a week ago, i'm out and about in my job, both office based and on my feet.

  • Happy New Year everyone! Good to ctach up on everyones progress.

    Parklife - i echo what Davo said, 4 weeks is still very early so don't be disheartened. It took me a good 4 months to really feel any difference, even now at 5 months things still aren't right; less painful but still the discomfort is there. Still get the stiffness and still have  the lack of ROM but think its probably more the arthiritis.

    Had some time out, not been to the gym or swam since early November after my shoulder impingement diagnosis. Had some physio and the symptoms have settled down. I have been doing a good bit of walking, did a good 5-6 mile hilly walk over christmas so keeping my fitness levels up that way.

    Got my left hip arthroscopy secheduled for 11th February with Mr Conroy at Harrogate, pre-op on Friday. Get this one out the way and then I hope I can get back on my bike and in the pool!

    Pipes - how is your recovery?

    Davo - How are you doing?

    Rebecca - any news on a date yet?


  • Hi Loverunning,so you are with Mr Conroy too.

    I live in Leeds but there aren't any surgeons here that do this op.

    No news on a date, when I saw him in Dec he said it would be 3 months, but his secretary tells me 4 so hopefully April time. Wishing you luck for Feb 11th!

    How long did it take you to get a date?

  • i'm Wakefield based and the same situation here, but Harrogate is not too far to travel. My 18 weeks clock started on 9th October - i've waited the full 18 weeks for this one. Last time though I was only waiting 7 weeks. It's worth asking his secretary to put you on a cancellation list as im sure  there are people who cancel this time of year due to illness. Works ok if you are willing to take any date offered at short noticeimage


  • Great - I have asked about the cancellation date (response: lots of people are on it) hey ho, 4 weeks into the 18week wait so will get there!

    Good luck and let me know how you get on! Be careful in the snow, don't want any more damage!

  • For those who have been through it - when does the limp go?

    And also how long did you take off work and any tips for going back to work?


  • Park life my limp is still with me at 5 months post op, although not as bad as it 1st was post op. whenever I overdo things it gets worse.

    I had 6 weeks off work, I was on crutches for 4 weeks and then progressed to a walking stick. I started driving at 4 weeks too. I'm office based and have a daily car commute of 2.5 hours. I personally felt I went back too early as I was still using a stick and still having to take strong pain meds to help me sleep which made me feel like a zombie the next day. I manage a busy department so there was no 'easing myself back in' once I was back, I was back! I found sitting the worse & the driving too was uncomfortable.

    That was just my experience and yours will be different. You hear of some people going back at 4 weeks and being ok. My tip would be only go back when you feel ready. 6 weeks is a guide. I asked for accessible parking as close to my office as possible which my employer arranged. It's little things like that which help massively!
  • MoozerMoozer ✭✭✭

    Hi, I have spent the last hour reading everything on this thread and I am now very worried. My story is this. I run 5 miles twice a week and cycle 15 miles twice a week. I have not done either for the past 9 months.... July 1st 2102 on getting out of my car I felt a very sharp pain in my right groin and another 2 or 3 sharp tears for the rest of the day. I thought it was a groin strain so rested. The pain went but I was just left with a dull ache 24 hours a day. Doctors sent me for Ultrasound to rule out hernia. Dull ache remained. Went to see a private physio who said it could be Hip Impingement as I could feel a pinch when bringing my knee up to my chest and across my body. Googled hip impingement Consultants in my area and went to see one privately. He suspected FAI and sent me for CT scan. Scan showed Cam Lesion. Consultant said if the Dull ache does not go then Hip Authscopy best option. Do not have funds for the Op so the consultant kindly referred me on to him on the NHS. Despite no running and cycling the ache/pain in the groin got worse especially after walking a short distance. Had a cortisone Injection and that helped for 3 weeks then the pain came back. Seen the consultant on the NHS and I am booked in for Surgery at the end of February. The reasons I am worried are the pain in my right Hip has more or less gone all of a sudden and my lower back and buttock on the other side is now very sore. The CT scan showed that I had Impingement on the other side as well that was a lot more obvious but it was not symptomatic. I don't understand why it has stopped hurting on the side I am having surgery on all of a sudden and started hurting lower back and buttock on the other side. I have not done any running or cycling since I first felt the pain 9 months ago. Could it be that because the right side is injured I am leaning more when walking on the other side and that's why the pain has shifted ?  The pain I have had 24 hours a day for the past 9 months has affected all areas of my life Job and marriage. 


  • PipesPipes ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone - finding it hard to catch up and remember what everyone has posted!

    Welcome, Moozer, and sorry to hear that you are also suffering from hip impingement. If the scan shows impingement and it has been hurting for a long time, it is probably still best to go for surgery (not that you suggested backing out of it). My left hip was the first to 'go', but by the time the op came, the pain was much worse on the right side.  I didn't want to go back to square one on the waiting list when it was going to need surgery at some point anyway.  I, too, thought that the pain had subsided, and was relieved when the surgeon told me he'd had plenty to clean up.  For the 9 months I then waited for the op on the right-hand side, I was in constant pain - probably because it also had impingement and tear, but was taking extra strain from the weak operated side.  I also had back and glute pain.  February is not too far away - I hope it brings you some relief.  Then you/they can start to look at plans for the other side. Good luck and keep us posted.

    parklife - I was off work for 2 weeks with the first op, and 3 weeks with the 2nd. After the first, I didn't have any problems getting back into the working routine (secondary teacher), mainly because I didn't have anyone else's experiences to go by (and my surgeon had suggested that a week would suffice!).  2nd time round, my doctor signed me off for longer than I expected and I felt guilty about missing my classes.  I went in 'unofficially' to 'meet' exam groups in the 3rd week.  However, when I returned officially, I was quickly exhausted and didn't feel I could keep up with the demands of my role.  I didn't go off again, but I wasn't at my best.  So basically, everyone is individual and, while it's possible to return to work after a few weeks (if it's not a very physical job), it's not always wise to do so.

    My limp went after a month or so, but comes back every now and again (mildly) if I do too much on it.   But I don't think my normal walking stride is yet back to normal - it's slower and shorter, hence why I probably don't limp much. 

    parklife wrote (see)

    Just a question for people to mull over - so we have had this bit of bone jagging into labrum/ cartilage and destroying it. The bone is now gone, the cartilage repaired. Logic would dictate that no more damage can be done to the hip in this way. 

    parklife - I used to visualise this bone jagging the cartilage, hence why I didn't really try to do any running pre-op.  What you say in the quote above is one reason why I am enjoying my running again now, and don't feel that any discomfort is 'dangerous'.  Ok, the cartilage may not be as strong as it was pre-tear, but surely the lack of bony bit reduces the risk significantly.

    loverunning - not long to go until you're (hopefully) finished with hip surgery (at least for the time-being) and back on your bike/ in the pool.  I hope your pre-op wasn't affected by the snow on Friday.   Thanks for asking - my recovery is going well.  I am running about 4 times a week, generally hitting around 15 miles per week.  I sometimes get discomfort if I run for 3 days in a row, so I try not to do that.  I've had my spikes on in the snow this weekend and it has been bliss - I think the soft ground was unexpectedly very good for my hips.  I probably shouldn't have taken the risk...but it was worth it.


  • PipesPipes ✭✭✭

    Rebecca Stanley 2 - it was ages before I got my first surgery date - had the consultant appointement late April and got surgery late December (after cancellations in October and November).  The second time, it was much better as they put me down as an 'urgent' case - appointment in June, surgery in September.  I think other people have had better waiting experiences than me.  Hope your op date comes soon, as it's always easier when you have a specific time to focus on.

    Hi to Dav0 and Bumble1. Interested to hear your suspected illiopsoas tendonitis story as well Bumble1.  Your new physio sounds clued up - how's it going now? Have you had to avoid glute exercises?  I really hope you don't have to go through any further surgery with this issue.

    Hello to anyone I've missed.  Would love to hear from mrmoosehead, who has his ops just before mine and was doing some running last time he was on here.  

  • MoozerMoozer ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the Advice Pipes. I have my Surgery in 5 weeks time for the Cam Impingement. Please could I have some advice about what to do prior to Surgery to improve my chances of a good recovery.  The other thing I am struggling massively to understand is how my other hip could have become symptomatic even though I have done nothing apart from walking since symptoms first started with my right hip. I am really hoping it is a muscle imbalance causing the pain that was started from my right hip. It did show on the CT scan that I had a impingement but the Consultant told me lots of people have them and they never become symptomatic.

    I really hope everybody out there that has had the operation or are waiting for it are managing. Every thing I read seems to be negative. 


  • Moozer, welcome in, though being an impingement victim not an easy ride.

    As regards your 'prehab' its good to have a strong core and glutes. A lot of the pilates based stuff can be good including working to strengthen your transversus abdominus.

    Glute squeezes, bridges, i use 'tabletop' pilates move. I think a few planks do no harm.

    After the injury which i eventually had diagnosed as FAI, I was not able to run as pain quickly increased but was able to exercise bike - i used a lot of this up to 2 weeks before op as i figured i wanted to keep weight down as wouldnt be doing any serious exercise for several months. Wasnt told to do this by anyone  just did it myself. I stopped 2 weeks prior to op to minimize risk of colds/chest infections which might have postponed op - to this end i looked after myself well in the weeks running up to op didn't drink, ate well, drank vit C supplement to avoid colds etc.

    Several months into having right hip pain which stopped me from running, i noticed some discomfort on my left. Like yourself, I was susequently diagnosed with both right and left FAI. The left is not quite asymptomatic but largely feels fairly normal, some twinges and sensations etc. This might change and get worse if i were to start running again in future. It might be that your good left was at brecking point, and overcompensation after the right 'went' has been the straw that breaks the camels back. I know that it is not uncommon for one hip to go first, followed relatively quickly by the other, as Pipes said. I also think that the pain is often quite vague, hard to pinpoint, and can even move between one hip and the other as one hip takes the strain, then the other, in a hip balancing act of stress and weight.

    Well quick update about me, I will be 5 weeks post op in 2 days time.Last week wasn't great, I felt sore and inflamed along the right pubic line, i guess where the adductor longus and magnus joins the bone. 5 days it lasted until it calmed about 2 days ago. I think the combination of all the exercises i was doing and how often i was doing them was the main factor. So i increased anti-inflams to 3x400mg ibprofen, scaled back my exercises quite alot, and iced.

    It has calmed a good bit. Saw physio today told her the story she agrees with scaling back to basics, she ultrasounds, massages, muscles in area were not tight apart from my quad a liitle, and she told me to take a day off from exercise here and there. Says its my body going 'enough for now'.

    Improvements to my limp has stagnated. Physio says its difficult for me to build muscle strength to improve limp without inflaming everything else. Hey ho, a fine balancing act. I think a little bit less is more for me right now. She also said something about getting an MRI before she considers increasing rehab, i get reviewed by surgeon on 8 feb.

    I am bored bored bored. GP gave me another week off work, in fact she told me to take 3! Too much. I miss going for long walks into town and jumping about to CDs in the house.


  • MoozerMoozer ✭✭✭

    Hi Parklife, Thanks for the reply. Please keep posting about your recovery from the operation. Did you Fly back to Nothern Ireland the day after your operation ?

  • cheers moozer, will do, posting on here is therapy! And good to get advice from those who've gone before me. Yup i flew back on 4pm flight, having been operated on at 12 noon day previous-hospital gave me an anti-clot injection in the morning and gave me tight socks to wear on plane to minimize clot risk. It was good to have a pal there to help.

  • MoozerMoozer ✭✭✭

    Parklife, Pipes, Anyone ? Hows the recovery going ?

  • I'm 6 months post op on my right and about to go through the whole process again on Saturday but this time on my left!!! However this time I'm going into it with real experience and much lower expectations.

    6 months in and still limp but not as much, stiffness is still there and still hurts to sit for long periods. Hip is very clunky and still grates and clicks when I get up. Sleep still uncomfortable too but overall it's improved over time.

    Hoping there is less degenerative change in my left hip, may mean a slightly easier recovery.

    How's everyone doing?
  • Good luck loverunning may the force be with you! Hope it goes well and as you say you will be all the wiser second time round.

    Moozer, well now about 7 weeks post op and due to have my review with the surgeon's assistant tomorrow. Fly in the early morn, looking forward to an amble round Cambridge.

    Progress is slowish. Not much to report really. I still have a fairly pronounced limp but can walk/limp fairly good distances - walked into town 2 miles and back out again today, and walking doesnt seem to add to discomfort if anything it helps it.

    My physio has been cautious since flair up of symptoms 2-3 weeks ago, and walks is the main thing ive been doing. Just this week ive started doing small sets of little exercises. Theres usually a discomfort feeling deep in the groin a fair amount of the time, though it is not horrendous, it varies and to that extent its annoying as one minute you think your'e getting better then it comes back. Sometimes it disappears completely for a wee while. Its strange, but any progress is now imperceptibly slow. Id love to get rid of the limp.

    All the best to everyone

  • Hello again to everyone.

    Pipes glad you managed to get your second op sorted although it sounds more troublesome than the last I hope you are the road to a real recovery. Lots of stories of surgery to read but it doesn't seem as though I will ever get near that stage. I have been told I am a long way from surgery. The first cortisone shot has lasted 4 months but is wearing off considerably now. Think I will have to go back and ask to be put on waiting list for another. Was almost pain free for about 6 weeks so that was great. Have a 6 month open appointment to see consultant before I have to start from GP level again. Have only run short diatances as just aggravates everything bummer. Thanks for you all posting, although I dont write much I do read everyones posts and take it all in. I know I should be relieved that doc feels I don't need surgery but it would be nice to feel normal again!!

    Good Luck to all waiting for and recovering from ops and keep taking the pills!!!


  • Well im 24 hours post op....Consultant came to see me last night, he said he has removed the cam & pincer impingement & reattached my torn labrum with anchors which he said was a smaller tear than the one they repaired in my right. He said there is some degenerative damage (stage 1 arthritis, the scale is from 1-4 with 4 being the worst) to my actual joint but not as much as my right side which had stage 3. He said that's probably because we caught it early enough and only waited 5 months from symptoms 1st appearing to surgery. Zonked out but pain is much more under control this time, anaesthetist gave me a spinal block when I was under as we'll as morphine and diclofenac which has done the job.

    Woke up this morning in a lot of pain and my blood pressure very low. The thought of getting up out of bed today fills me with dread. Been give some oxycoden which works wonders for the pain!

    So likelihood of needing a total LEFT hip replacement in the near future is hopefully not as much of a reality as it is for my RIGHT hip. Now the impingement has gone in both hips I've got to focus now on preserving both joints for as long as I possibly can and staving off THR.

    Here's hoping I have an easier recovery this time round and my right hip is up for the challenge of supporting my left hip for a change!
  • MoozerMoozer ✭✭✭

    Hope you make a speedy recovery loverunning.

    I have my pre op on Tuesday and the operation 2 weeks later. My symptoms started on the 1st July and I have not run since then. I'm really hoping because of that then there is not much cartilage damage. Bought a exercise bike yesterday so Im going to do half hour a day until my surgery. Funny thing is that everybody seems to have had a MRA scan. I haven't I only had a 3d CT scan ? The dull ache in my hip had started to get better for the last 3 weeks so I got a bit skeptical and went out for a fast 3 mile walk and lucky enough it returned with a vengeance within the hour. So surgery it is!  

  • Good luck with the recovery loverunning.

    Moozer i think in a lot of cases not much shows up on an MRI in terms of FAI/labral tears. An Arthrogram showed some tear to the cartilage for me, but the diagnosis was really made with a straight forward Xray which the consultant had done that morning. I had to wait months for MRI and arthrogram on NHS, and yet he sent me for the definitive xray that morning while i waited and then diagnosed. Makes you wonder would they not ne better going for an Xray as first port of call. And i understand a ct scan is really an advanced XRay which shows the pelvis in 3D, rather than a 2D Xray, so i think youre fine.

    And in any case, its really only during the course of the operation when they stick the camera in can they really tell whats wrong and whats damaged and what needs fixing. Google 'kevin kyle hip' and you will get a number of stories about this Scottish footballers history of misdiagnosis, giving up football, subsequent diagnosis of fai through a CT scan and eventual return to football albeit down the leagues. Might give a few pointers

    Had my 7 week review a couple of days ago. They were happy enough. The main thing I took out of it was that the pasin i felt at 4 weeks was likely due to the durolane injection i had at the op wearing off, and that i should to some extent push on through with rehab exercises. This I will do.

    The jury seems to be out on whether i csn return to running in future, and if i do it will be way in future and long distance running likely a thing of past. But i can cycle and swim so hopefully alls not lost

  • PipesPipes ✭✭✭

    Hello everyone. I've had a chesty virus for a couple of weeks so no running. The hips haven't been happy with the total lack of exercise, but I'll be back on it soon.  I have my injection on my left hip on Friday week. I can't really decide what I think about that yet as things weren't too bad on that side when running...but the dilemma is not as significant as the whole 'op or no op' decision, so I'll go ahead as planned.

    How are you doing now, loverunning? Are you home? Hope the pain is manageable.  The news seems to have been relatively good.  I hope the right hip copes ok with being the main side - I found it a bit tougher than I'd expected on the side that had been operated earlier, especially when I went back to work. Take care.

    Hope the pre-op goes smoothly, Moozer, and nothing stands in your way of surgery in 2 weeks. Fingers crossed the damage is minimal and dealt with during surgery.  As parklife says, they can't really tell the extent of the damage until they get in there. But at least you know you've done your best to keep it minimal. I couldn't run while waiting for my 2nd op as I kept visualising the cartilage being torn with every stride! It wasn't like that before my first op, so I kept running (a bit) and probably caused a bit of damage to side that develops symptoms later and much more quickly.

    Hi Linz Wragg - must be frustrating for you to feel that pain again. How do you feel about having surgery if the injections don't give longer term relief? 

    parklife - I hadn't heard of an injection during surgery that wears off after 4 weeks.  I guess they know what they put in and how it's likely to affect you. And at least it gives you an answer for that pain and allows you to carry on with the exercises. Stay positive about the future prospects for running, even if you may have to reassess the type of running you do. It may just take a while.

    Have you got a date yet, Rebecca Stanley 2?

  • Love running- i had a spinal last week for my surgery, seemingly the spinal helps with post op pain and recovery although surprised that you were asleep when you got it, the point of giving you one is to make sure it's worked before your off to sleep. The anaesthetist commented that they are starting to use spinals pre op now as they seem to get better results in the suppression of pain.

    I had my surgery last week, Mr gaston seems to have done a good job so far, described my hip as "a bit of a mess" . I had very little pain post op and went home same day as I managed to brim the urine pot much to the nurses amusement, still got 2 crutches for support but hopefully down to one next week, only symptoms i feel are a tightness around my groin and buttock but then he has had to cut through muscles and so on tho get to the joint, and I'm not moving about a great deal.

    Only one complaint, BOREDOM!!!!!
  • Moozer wrote (see)

     Funny thing is that everybody seems to have had a MRA scan. I haven't I only had a 3d CT scan ?

    Hi Moozer, you've just prompted me - I think I referred to an MRI scan in my message to you but thinking back, half the frustration with my diagnosis in the first place was that nothing was picked up by X-rays or the MRI scan, and it was in fact a CT scan that identified exactly what was going on, after my first appointment with a hip specialist where FAI was diagnosed from simply mainpulating the hip.  Would have been nice to have got the CT scan done straight away, although maybe that's easy to say in hindsight, and/or scans are carried out in order of cost to the NHS??

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