Southport MAD DOG Seaside 10K RACE NOW FULL

anybody booked this and not running want to sell their place please


  • this might not be too helpful, but i am recovering from an ankle sprain and hope to run this event, however after a run yesterday i have got a bit of inflamation so might have been too soon. 

     Will see how it goes, so cant promise & if you can get elsewhere obviously go with that.

     Will let you know eitherway during the next week (saying that with being last minute wont hold you to anything).

  • Does anyone know whether this course is in the main flat?...Looked on their website and the elevation data shows some ups and downs in parts? 
  • Southport is the flattest place in the country so it is absolutely flat all the way round apart from a four feet ascent (and descent) on the bridge over the lake just before 6K. But it can be very windy in Southport which more than makes up for the lack of hills - pray for a calm day or wind from the north on the exposed coastal road. Should be a really great run with 800 runners. Think I am riding the lead bike so you won't get lost.......... 
  • I am runnig it this year...Looks really good and value for money. Hopefully it will become a rated event

  • Got a place now thanks to Adrian
  • Ran this today and apart from the wind really enjoyed the race. Will do it again and thought it was really well organised. Well done.
  • Very well organised race, went like clockwork, very generous for the price goody bag t shirt(which i forgot to get opps) and a nice medal well done to all involved good chance i will be back next year
  • well organised race just hope it does not get too big, running into the wind was great,glad we did that on the way out and not on the way back.
    Does anyone know where we can see the full results please?
  • fantastic race, wind was unbelieveable though.  Results on but not there yet
  • what a great race well organised lots of toilets , free massages ,great goody back the wind made it tough on the way out but still a great race will be coming back again to do this next year !!
  • Ran this race today.My first race and really enjoyed it. struggled in the wind, but once got past that it was all good. Love the medal and looking forward to the next race

    Full results available on link above

    Well done to everyone who took part - conditions were exceptionally tough, 4K (2.5 miles) into a fierce headwind on the exposed sea wall. My job was to ride the lead bike but I could not keep up with the leaders against the wind. Times were pretty slow, at least 2 minutes down for the fast runners and 3 minutes down for those in the middle of the field. This is a really fast course on a calm day!!

  • Ran this race yesterday. My first 10k, and apart from some aching muscles today ( my own fault for lack of proper training ) will be looking forward to returning next year!. Congrats to the organisers for a well run race. Is there any photos of race on internet yet?
  • Could not agree more with other posts.  Loved the run bar the wind.  Very well marshalled - they clapped everyone and were very supportive!

     Hoping for a better time next time, but look forward to the next year!  WOOF WOOF WOOF!

  • It was a great race everyone was friendly. The marshals who were having to stand out in the gales waved and smiled as you passed.
    There was fruit at the end (yum yum) and excellent goodies in the goodie bag - sugar free sweets, chocolate energy bar, medal, t-shirt, etcetc I didn't finish in a place ending with a 7 (sob) so I cannot tell you what the spot prizes were but I did enjoy a free post race sports massage!!

    Many thanks to the organisers and Marshals of the race - I made sure to thank as many as I could as I passed them.
  • Thanks to the organisers for an excellent, very well organised event. Hard work running into the wind (the Pier never seemed to get any closer!), but a good course, will definatley be back next year.
  • Great day, even though I was just Marshaling on the hump of the lake bridge.  If it goes ahead next year, I will be a running in it, even with 40mph winds.

  • Wow that wind was full on!!!....Made the first 5k really hard, but enjoyable all the same...very well organised event....plenty of toilets and fruit at the finish....Plus really good value....Will run it again next year

  • That was my first 10k and I loved it!
    Very well organised on the course and at the Start/ Finish area. I was well impressed by the gang of big blokes on standby in the parking area to push cars out of the mud. Even though I am slightly biased as an ex-Tabler I have been singing it's praises all day today. See you there next year!
  • Great race, nice and flat, the wind made it tough but still enjoyed it!  Everything was very well organised, the most organised race I've ran, thanks to everyone involved. Fruit at the end of the race along with t-shirt and a great goody bag - I'll definitely be running again next year and will recommend it to my running friends!! image
  • race was well organised and good fun.cant complain, although the wind wasnt doing anyone any favours for a couple of ks. well done to everyone especially those completing their first 10ks,
  • Great race - my first 10K.  Glad the wind changed on the last 5K or think my time might of been 3 hrs.   I was really really pleased however with my time even though it was windy.  The marshalls were very encouraging and egged us on - it really was a big help.  The race was very well organised from start to finish and I think my pre-race leg massage did the trick!   All in all a fab morning.  Looking forward to the next one.
  •  Thanks Adrian,and all the organisers,Marshall etc. Best organised 10k I've done. Headwind on coastroad was crazy- first 3 miles a living hell,and put paid to PBs for many runners. Good fun,really nice medal, plus goody bag and t-shirt. Will def do it next year !!   image

  • Really well organised event, with nice t-shirt & medal too! Lots of supporters out on the roads, which was really nice - will defintley like to do this 10k again - will recommend to friends....

    Very flat, scenic course - the only bad thing was the 1st 4/5k was running against the wind - Got a suprisingly good time too.... image

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