BigGals Can,After 6 months

I can't believe 6 months flew past like that. I'm looking back to when I started 6 months ago and instead of posting positives/negatives, I will talk about improvements (is that a word?) and what hasn't improved so much. So here goes: -

-Coming from no exercise at all to running for 3 miles, big leap there, I would say.
-Occasional sprinting when in the mood
-1 st 3 lbs weight loss
-Body shape beginning to show signs of pre-baby form
-Running better after illness than before I started
-Earning fit hubby's respect with regard to running
-Feeling like if I don't run, something is 'missing'
-Enjoying exercise for the first time in my life and not regarding it as punishment
-Enjoying healthy foods
-Better muscle tone
-Using snackajacks as a chocolate substitute
-Covering more than 3 miles on various occasions

-Bum, legs and tum!!!
-Dress size refusing to be less than 16
-Still craving chocolate to the point of dreaming about it
-Occasional loss of motivation
-Weight training
-Still not confident enough to wear bathing suit in public, despite loving swimming

I can't believe I've come this far form nothing. I'm going to enter a 3k and maybe the Cranfield Uni 5k. Why not?


  • GO GO GO!!
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Chocolate don't say that

    yum yum
  • i was told I could have chocolate, just in small amount. The problem is I never take chocolate in small amounts, that has been my biggest downfall.
  • Its been great reading your updates TG and it is good to look back and see how far youve come. Its something that everybody should do every now and then.

    Cngrats on what youve achieved so far. You are doing brilliantly. Keep it up.

  • well done TG. Why give up the chocolate? Isn't having treats one of the benefits of this running lark?
  • I s'pose...the good thing is I'm not putting on any weight. Won't I lose faster if I REDUCE the consumption?
  • Yes, but no point if all you can do is think about chocolate! Eating chocolate and running is 100 times better than eating chocolate and NOT running!

    You go, girl! You're an inspiration - and, logically, a size 16 for someone as tall as you is NOT big. The swimming cossie thing? Just pop along as a spectator one time, and you will see many, many women who haven't bought theirs from the La Senza petite range!
  • I'm being really silly, Juliejoo, I am doing this for myself, aren't I? Who cares what anyone else thinks?
  • I'm not like that when I'm running, why should I be like that when swimming?
  • Well done tall girl :)
  • Well done Big Gals.

    Try this to help with teh chocolate thing. Chose a small wrapped chocolate like a Ferero Rocher and at the start of the week set out seven of them each labelled with the day of the week. Then have one each day when the craving is the greatest. The one a day labelling is a powerful inducement to eat just one a day (the brain is marvellous is it not).

    But the best thing is that if you get overcome or feel the need, you can eat tomorrow's as well. It just means you have to make do without. You can even eat the whole week in one go if you wish or save up today's till tomorrow to have two.

    But obviously you must never have more than the seven each week and you must keep the portions small <lol>
  • Meant to day that you should try and have the treat at the same time every day so that it becomes habitual. After a meal would be a good choice.
  • Excellent TallGal.

    Had a good week myself this week now lost 1 stone 2lbs as well. You are definately helping me keep going through the hard middle bit of my weight loss target (3 st by Sept for charity aim to raise £1300) so stick to it Gal and I'll be right there with you!!

    On the choccie, have you tried buying the really good quality 70% proof stuff as that has less veg oil/fat and is really strong so you don't need as much for the same taste.

    Stick to it and remember help is only a forum or e-mail away as we are all right behind you.

  • Well done Fat Rascal.

    I noticed you play basketball as well. I would like to get back into the sport as i was a pretty good center and rebounder at my height. Do you know of any ladies teams (or mens) in the West london area?
  • Tall - I can't believe it's six months! You have done so brilliantly, and I love reading your updates. Well done you. You're on the way to FLM 2004!
  • Wow!!! TG, you are such a star.

    On the swimsuit thing--pick your times, and go to the pool when it's full of old bids and new moms. You'll find that you're the thinnest person there by far, as well as the fittest (which is always cheering!), which will give you chance to get used to wearing so little in public. . . And after the initial alarm's worn off, you'll be able to go anytime! When, incidentaly, you'll find that you're still in the thinner and fitter category, if our local pool's anything to go by!

  • Not sure of the statistics but Ferrero Rocher are a huge no. of calories per sweetie.

    Have you tried weight watchers choccie crisp bars they are less than 100 cals and Cadbury's chocolate buttons are only 75 cals for a mini bag (about half that of the Ferrero Rocher and you can savour them one at a time!!)
  • Wow, tall
    6 months already!

    try very dark choccie, you wont want as much

    And once youre in the water, noone can see your body
  • Hi Helen,

    I can relate to what you're saying as too many a skinny gal has tried running with me only to realise it's not that easy to run.

    And don't I know about the two babies thing!!! Won't it be nice to see more big gals running the FLM though?

  • Blimey, 6 months. Its flown past. I remember your first posting. Well done TallGal and keep at it.
  • At Silverstone I was overtaken by a very big girl--at least twice my size, and I'm fairly well fed... She pounded off into the distance at some speed and I didn't see her again!

    Guess a lot of the time size doesn't matter.

  • God for her, Mim. by the time she loses all that weight she'll be ready to compete with Paula.
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