Beginnings of stress fracture?


Getting a bit of pain in my right foot over the last few days, it's about hereish:
 It's reasonably mild but just want to double check it's not the beginnings of a stress fracture. Pain goes entirely when running and if I probe the area with my fingers it doesn't seem to hurt. I can only feel it when I put my full weight on my foot, most notably when barefoot getting up in the morning.

So, erm, opinions? Supposed to be doing 11 miles tomorrow so given the mildness of pain and the fact it doesn't hurt when running I'm not sure what to do. Ideally want to avoid a £50 podiatrist bill if it's just me being nervous. 


  • dont know....

    a podiatrist wont necessarily give you the answer I dont THINK. 

    MRI might.....alhtough it didnt show up my SF (in tibia)

    As a rule of thumb, if it hurts, stop.

    I found this article insightful

    I am not prepared to say whether you should run.

    I think you can get morton's neuroma pain in that area (google it for yourself...i dont know much about it)

  • Sorry Pete - podiatrist I think.  I suffered a SF last year to my fibula - the pain was there on starting to run but disappeared after mile or so.  So, proceeded to run my normal 12 mile Sunday run.  Didn't run again for 16 weeks........ image.  I couldn't believe I had a SF - no prior warning, no sudden increase in training/mileage and a vetran of some 35 years runnning.  You'd think I would know something was up.  You're obviously concerned else you wouldn't have posted. Take care.
  • Thanks Nick, I've had a read of that and can't decide based on the descriptions. I pretty much can't feel it while walking in normal shoes and can't feel it at all when running. Much of what I've read regard foot injuries is that they're bad if the pain increases.

    Bit of a nightmare. Can't really afford to take a break from training and can't afford to get injured! image

  • I am still recovering from a stress fracture after 12 weeks of non running, my pain came on very suddenly and was only bad when I tried to run. I had an x ray which didn't show the break and then went on to run a very painful marathon.  A subsequent MRI showed a break. By which time I couldn't put any weight on my foot. Get it checked out, it could just be overuse, but it's best to play safe, take my word for it!!
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