Baggy Plodders

Mornin' all,

The frustration continues. Im still resting my foot. I dont think dancing on the table yesterday night helped it much.

Why does it hurt? Why can't I plod? Why am I at work on a Saturday morning?

I KNEW I shouldn't have had that third pint yesterday...

Hope everyone has a super time plodding today. Good luck to all those in races this weekend. Spare me a thought...

Alf :)


  • Resting for me, managed 47 mins plod no walk in Richmond Park yesterday. Chuffed with the orthos, positive vibes re the foot Alf and all the plodding racers. Watching the Richmond R4L on sun then hope to see lots of us at pub lunch.
  • To time for plodding today - Runner's World just arrived! (He's back, girls - page 40!)

    School fete, home-made cake stall and beer tent need my support. :o) I know who else will be there too, a couple of tri friends, and we'll talk injuries and times and negative splits and smelly trainers.

    I love the English summer.
  • sounds idyllic.

    Who's back? Its not Slim Shady again is it?
  • JJ - oooh bring us back some cakes please! I love homemade lemon drizzle cake/choc muffins/coffee cake etc etc. Well any type of cake really
  • Alf - he of the dreamy abs and cute smile.
    Smitch - I'll see what I can do, but it is a bit of a scrum.

    Littl'uns just said she doesn't want to go. Tch. Her Dad's helping to run it so he's already there. Well - she'll just have to finish Harry Potter on her own, then, co I'm off!

    I'm just leaving her a to do list: homework, piano, clean kitchen, tidy room, and - oh yes - get dressed!
  • Eey oop,

    Back from long plod (5 miles in 52:20) felt really good today, think I actually enjoyed the run!! Not quite "Road to Damascus" more "Canal to Leamington" but the effect was the same. Now must eat well rest of day.

    Alf - Last mile for you, not extra but quicker!! Patience my son, if you rest it it will recover!!

    Julie - Think I might have to put Mr P.40 on the cupboard as an incentive!!

    Nothing tomorrow as other half doing Cov R4L, might do some more Pilates at home - think it's working as stomach flatter and breathing better.

    Plod on,

  • Im trying to be patient FR, I really am. Its just so hard. Grrrrr....

    Thanks for the last mile though, I enjoyed it.
  • Rest day for me today - doing the Dysart Dash tomorrow - good luck to anyone else running.

    Oooo - Cakes! The cakes at the Hogsmill 5 were brilliant - whacking great slices of all sorts of lovely gooey home made stuff for about 30p a go.

    I had three I was that greedy!
  • Pah! No beer tent! There was 'a mix up' with the licence, apparently. Harumph. All the good cakes were gone, too. Double pah!

    Now - I'm sure there was a glass or two left in last night's bottle...

    (Ewwww! Just found a bug in my bra!!!)
  • Better than finding one in last nights bottle!
  • Ran 14 miles with my group today. Finished in 2:45...not too shabby...for plodders... Bike ride and roller blade tomorrow.

    Have a great weekend...
  • Hi all,
    did 10K race in Essex. Took 5+ mins off previous best. Time was 0:45:58; well chuffed!
    Anyone else any results?
    Good luck to all you racers tomorrow!
  • Oops typo; time was 0:48:58; aren't I honest?

    Alf, I overtook that last guy in fromt of me for you!
  • Slo'boy
    you are too fast for the plodders thread!
    Go and post on trining as well!
  • But I'll miss you all!! I get loads of encouragement from reading the forum. I've only been runnig for 2 months so I still class myself a beginner.

    Maybe I should change my nickname??!! Any suggestions?
  • No plodding today - gearing myself up for the 10K tomorrow. I WILL get round!!!!

    Went to watch the carnival parade in the village where my cousin lives. He and his wife were judging the large groups - no one else was dull enough to do it! It wasn't a big parade as the police put lots of restrictions regarding lorries for floats and wanted to charge a ridiculous amount per hour per policeman on duty there so some of the larger groups didn't take part as they had to walk. Pity really.
  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭
    No plodding for me either-see you tomorrow parddu

    Went shopping!!! for clothes and not running ones either!!!:-( I did not have a skirt (after losing 4 stone 8Lb
    and needed a size 10 !!!! very happy WP
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Well done slo'boy & marathong. Slo'boy you are fast!!!

    Good luck for those racing tomorrow & WP on the great weight loss.

    FR Yep that was greedy!! (just jealous)

    Today, still resting knees, all being well will cycle tomorrow......

  • WP excellent news a size 10! I wish!

    Parrdu & WP good luck tomorrow.
  • size 10? fitted in one one day before getting pregnant with Kid A

    Sloboy - umm Intermediate Boy?
    quicker than used to be but not yet a gazelle boy?
    fastest plodder on the block boy?
    You know you're always welcome on this thread - just don't advertise those sub 50M 10k times too often (well done you)

    5k tomorrow -but running wth non running mates, so counting on a recovery run pace

    nails now blue - and the diamante was a bu**er to get off (and that isn't butter)
    knew on a strictly need to know basis, you probably needed to know
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