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Hi all

I have been running for nearly 2 years. I usually run 10k races, but haven't raced since Sept, and a combination of injury, weather, and general laziness has meant that I've cut down to one LSR of around 4-4.5 miles per week, with a bit of static bike during the week. 

 I have just, as mentioned, entered a 6 mile hill race. I have 5 weeks.... and the hills are pretty fierce. I only want to get round in one piece so how should I train during my remaining time? I can train outside 3x a week and do bike/other static exercise in the house. 

 Any help gratefully received! Thanks



  • bumping this up - please help!
  • The only way to train for hills is to run them, try finding a fairly steep hill that will take you more than a minute to run up, and do hill reps as an additional session each week. Maybe try 4 reps at a pace you can keep going all the way to the top then jog back down and start again. You don't mention what sort of hill race it is (fell, hilly road, all uphill, etc etc.) so it's harder to be more specific. I would also suggest that an LSR of 4-5 miles isn't really an LSR as such so it would be wise to up that each week to get to 6 (at least then you know you can run the distance ok) I would try and find some hills to fit into your LSR as well.

    If you've only 5 weeks then there's not a huge amount you can do really. Good luck, and remember when running hills, shorten your stride and stay upright from the waist. I run hills on the balls of my feet (usually steep terrain) and this works well if you're used to it.
  • on top of what Yorkshire Rob says I would up the resistance on the bike.  Strong legs and CV will help you up the hills too. 

    Dont look at the top of the hill either... keep your head level and concentrate on the next 5-10 yards.

    Have fun image

  • Thanks a lot. I know I'm woefully under-prepared. It's hilly road ups and downs, but as I said, the ups are pretty scary.
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