British Heart Foundation's South Downs Way Challenge 20

Has anyone done the South Downs Way Challenge? If so, is it any good?

Considering doing this year, looks like good value at £10 with a free T-shirt and a medal. It's local to me too.


  • you do need to raise £50 in sponsorship on top of the £10 entry fee but it is still great value

    im doing it this year - love running in QE park and surrounding areas

  • I have had a liik at the web site and cannot see anything about the £50 - where does it say this ? Im happy to make a donation but £50 is too much for me . 


    link thing isn't working so you'll have to copy and paste

    third question in red - doesn't say you have to raise £50 (sorry - got that wrong) they do urge you though

    you could probably raise some - £10 is ridiculously cheap! image
  • I really wanted to do this as I will be doing trailwalker on the south downs in July, but I am working that day!
  • They don't push you to raise money so don't let that put you off at all.
  • I'm thinking about doing this run as part of my marathon training - my only worry is if it's self navigating,  getting lost, and running more than 20 miles! 

     Does anyone know?

    Would rather do a course which is marshalled, or at least well signposted.

  • Signed up for this now.

    Not too worried about navigation, The Staunton Way is apparently well marked and I'll take GPS and/or a map with me. Much more concerned about the early start!

  • At least with an early start it's an early finish!

    Good idea about the navigation.  Actually I emailed the organisers who have replied already, saying that the route will be clearly marked and there will be checkpoints on the way.

    Am going to sign up for this - see you there!

  • Ooh, will there be water stops do you know WM, I'm too pathetic to carry my own.
  • I don't know, KateF - you could try emailing the organisers to find out?

    I'm going to take a camelbak just in case.

  • hahaha - just checked the website re water stops and this is there:

    "• FREE water will be available to all participants at the finish"

    perhaps camelbak isn't too bad an idea!

  • Hi People,

    Shame it takes place in the same weekend as the Meon Valley Plod - marvellous race just round the corner.

    This one does sound tempting though, but, er, how much of a 'race' race is it?

    Drinks along the way? Official times? Results published? That sort of thing?

    Thank you.

  • I've got my number and some more details now:

    • No water stops, but several pubs along the way. So it's take your own.
    • Not officially timed, so not really a "race" race.
    • The route is sign posted and you get a map and written directions on the day, and a number to phone if you get lost.

    None of the above bothers me, it's my first go at something longer than a half marathon and I'm after something a bit more laid back.

  • anyone no if its a route you can run spikes on ?

  • Ran this today - great course - challenging footwear choice - lots of mud, but quite a bit on roads too. I wore road shoes and was sliding all over the place at times.
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