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Joining a running club may be a tad intimidating for some people. I would suggest parkrun is a good place to start , very welcomng but you can also turn up, run and then go if you chose.


  • Yeah, great if your nearest one isn't 30 miles away! Don't think i'll bother driving that far for a 5k image
  • I am nearly 4 stone overweight and have just got a place on September 2011 Great North Run in aid of children with cancer...have ran 3 half marathons a few years ago and desperatley want to get back into running..also really need to build up my core strength..anyone got any training tips? x
  • I have to agree.  Went to my first ever 'race' since school at Banstead Park and managed the 5K without stopping as I was running with others. Great fun and and a great boost.  3 days later, have just done 10K.  6 months ago, I would be lucky to run a kilometre without stopping. Mesage here is to start slowly, keep at it, go back if you falter and you will get there.  I am knocking 50 and 16st.
  • pls am a good runner,who is currently doing my masters at london school of commerce,i have the interest to run in the olympic,how can i go about it?
  • i want to seriously get back in to running evert time i try i go a very short ditance and stop used to do it a lot 5 yrs ago
  • My first half marathon is the great north run this year 
  • Wish I'd found this 'discussion' section sooner - it's brill

    Kingsley - how's your Olympic dream coming along ? 

  • image

    This is a great forum.

    I am an absolute beginner, and only dare to run on the treadmill in the gym at the moment. I really need a decent tee-shirt as my cotton ones get soaking, can anyone reccommend one please?

    I have now worked up to 5k in 45 mins, I do .75k running, then.25 walk until I get to 5k. The last push .75k is the hardest at the moment.

    Where should I go from here?


  • Hi Tia, 

    I was a complete beginner on when I ventured out on Christmas Eve last year huffing and puffing. I found if I simply went at a comfortable pace but tried to increase distance gradually I was improving rapidly. Last thursday I did ten miles in 1hour 46mins and felt amazing. I always rest for a couple of days after to fully recover. I do as many pressups as possible to keep my back from acheing.

    I am filled with calmness after a long run. I also do faster 5K's in 30mins but don't enjoy the speed work...yet.

    I am aiming for marathon distance this Christmas. It may be a pipe dream but I'll be happy trying.

    Good luck and 'find your niche'.

    God Bless


  • I started running off and on over a year ago, and restarted the beginning of this year. I did a 10K on a spur on the moment thing last september, after no training for the previous 3 weeks and came in at 1:08. This year I'm in the BUPA 10K in may, running for the RNLI, and I have found my motivation again.

     Since Jan Ist I'm running 5K 3 times a week, and have cracked the magic(for me!!) 10min/mile over the 5K, and I have just rejoined the gym to start some cardio work and weights, and do a bit of training out of the snow and ice. I enjoy the little improvements (it was great when I went from 10:04 to 9:58) and the feeling after a good run,.. all warm and glowly!!

     Based on my experience, slow and steady is the answer, with small regular goals. I started with the couchpotato to 10K plan (google it) and it worked for me image I'm still working on the loosing weight issue (nearly 17 stone is a lot to cart around), but it is coming off slowly. Also go to a running shop, get advice and buy a good pair of trainers. My other toy is a gps/heart  tracking watch.. I'm using a garmin 405, its great to see where I've been, and how I've done on the hills....and no-one else will know!!!


  • I used to start off too fast and burn out. Then, like Wayne, I got a GPS / Heartrate Monitor. Forgot about the times and ran to a steady heartrate - too high, I would slow down, too low and I would speed up. Brilliant.

    A year later I'm running faster, further and at a lower heartrate. Tuesday and Thursday treadmill. Sunday fun! 

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