UK Gear PT-1000 Running Trainers

I am looking for some new trainers and have seen these advertised.

They claim to be good for on or off road and last 1000 miles. And also have a 21 day no questions asked refund. Sounds too good to be true to me so I was wondering if anybody had tried them?

I usually use Brooks GTS or Brooks ASR and can get about 470 miles from them so doubling that would be great.
I am tempted to give them a try and know I could knock out some decent mileage in 21 days but I don't want to risk 95 quid if they are telling fibs about the returns policy.


  • kittenkat - if you can tell us - are they still providing the same cushioning and support - and do they really perform as well off road as on?
  • Thanks KK, they look in good shape for 810 miles.
    I am about 14 stone so would think I would get less miles but if I can get significantly more out of them than I regular pair then it's worth it.
    I have quite low arches so a prefer shoes without arch supports but they might be ok.
  • Hello Mr Guy,

    Please let me reassure you that if you are not completely satisfied with your UK Gear purchase, you have 21-days in which to return the shoes and we will offer you an exchange or a full refund...even if they have been worn. Please follow the link for more information:

    We develop our shoes in association with the Royal Army Physical Training Corps (RAPTC) who have tested the PT-1000's in some of the most hostile places on earth.  The shoes have also undergone an extensive durability test programme at SATRA laboratories.

  • What about grip? I am thinking about shoes for Lakeland 100. I have run before in Salomons but the grip is carp and not sure there is enough cushioning in my innov_8s.

    Are these good on wet grass? (Is anything apart from spikes?)
  • 21 day refund is good.

    I'm more and more tempted!

  • I think I am going to try a pair. I only have a coupple of weeks left in my old Brooks GTS  and with the refund I have nothign to lose.
  • They look good. Found them at MandMs

    UK Gear


  • KK

    How did you get  to become a wear tester ??

  • I've been procrastinating over my next pair for a few weeks now (currently Mizuno Wave Inspire 6) and have been tempted to go for the Inspire 7 because I'm happy with the shoe currently. With these credentials (810 miles and going strong and a 21 day returns guarantee) I'm definately going to try the PT1000s. Thanks for the thread.
  • Deepdown

    Glad to hear your going for the uk gears because Inspire 7's are nothing like the 6's. Inspire 6's are a fantastic shoe probably my favorite shoe ever. The 7's are totally different and I find them really uncomfortable.

    So if you do change your mind make sure you try before you buy unlike me.

  • I am going to order a pair of PT-1000 today. I have new shoe joy!!image
  • Ok shoe update, I ordered them on the 31st and they arrived very quickly on the 1st. Unfortunately it was to the wrong address so they where sitting in the post office all week till I could go and get them. The customer service people where very friendly and offered other solutions in case I couldn’t get in to town to pick them up.


    They look and feel like a sturdy shoe that are going to last. So when I got them I took them out for long run on the Southdowns. The Southdowns are very mixed terrain; one minute you could be running on slipy sticky mud and the next on road so finding a shoe that can cope with both is not easy (if you’re a fat git like me!). They faired pretty well, the grip wasn’t good enough for the very muddy parts and not quiet enough cushioning for long stretches on the road. But it was a very good compromise.


    The only problem I have is that there is a bit of the upper that digs into the top of my right foot. I am going to have another run then tonight and if it is a problem I will try a different size. I ordered 10.5’s which is my usual size but they feel a bit big.  

  • Structured cushioning

  • I take back what I said about the cushioning. I did a long run on road last night and it was fine.
    Sadly the part of the shoe that attaches the tongue to the upper digs into my foot and chafes and there is another section on the side where the stitching rubs and has given me blisters. So I am going to have to send them back.

    Shame as I do think they are good shoes but just not the ones for me.

  •  Hello Mr Guy,

    It sounds to me that there could be a manufacturing fault with your pair. Please feel free to send me an email and we will happily replace your shoes with another pair of the PT-1000's. My email address is

    We apologise for any inconvenience or discomfort you have experienced.

  • 1,000 miles - I wear Saucony Pro Grid Omni 9's - am about 14 stone. Do most of my running on road and really get about 300 miles tops before the heel is worn down due to overpronating.

    Don't know if these are for me as I'm reluctant to give up a shoe I have had no probs running with ? 

  • TheClaw I would say that it is worth a try. You get a 21 day trial so you have nothing to lose. The shoes didn't suit me so I sent them back on Monday and got an email from Rowena today saying they where issuing a refund today.
    I have nothing but good to say about UK Gear and will try there stuff again in the future. 
  •  Ive had UK Gear running shoes for 5 years, currently have the PT-1000 shoe and have had no problems with it, it is the only shoe stated available to do 1000 miles. I'm currently serving in the Army and train a lot in these throughout the year, and prior to UK Gear I was a staunch NB fan.

    I can speak from personal experience having met the MD, and any problems with shoes are replaced, this has occurred to myself  and that of the Military team whom  were supplied the previous model shoe. But this was down to a quality control issue, on a upbeat note running shoes are a personal preference and not all suit everybody.

    But rest assured the British Army choice is UK Gear, followed by the German Army and Now the US Forces, so they speak for themselves.

    Regards H

  • Well done KKimage
  • Please be aware that only trainers purchased directly from UK Gear qualify for the 21 day trial period.

  • kittenkat wrote (see)
    slowfoot wrote (see)


    How did you get  to become a wear tester ??

    Someone suggested me to them, I think because I've done quite a bit of of ultra stuff.
    I was having a boring evening but that just made me urinate from laughing too much!
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