Kenya's First 100km Ultra - June 23rd

Fellow Ultra Runners!

Registration is now open for The Amazing Maasai Ultra 2011, Kenya's only 100km ultra-marathon and the perfect centrepiece to an African adventure holiday.

This unique community-based event will be held on Thursday 23rd June 2011 and will bring together local Maasai and international runners. Participants will pass through a number of Maasai villages and across the spectacular open plains, grassy hills and deep valleys of semi-arid, raw African wilderness. The 100km (& accompanying 42km marathon) will be run at an elevation of 1500-2000m.

All proceeds will go to raise money to sponsor the secondary education of local Maasai girls. In fact, the girls themselves will be cheering us on!

During race week (19-25th June), participants will stay at Ol Gaboli lodge right by the Ewaso Nyiro river and will enjoy performances from the local Maasai tribes. Extra activities include: a Maasai Mara safari, camel treks, and a trip to Mount Kenya.

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  • Sarah RW doesn't look too kindly on people using the forums to advertise their own races and though it is primarily for charity there are plenty of other organisations here who have to pay to be listed.

        Best of luck though, at over 1500 dollars without flights it's way out of my price league.

  • Thanks for the heads up. I did not intend to go against the forum protocol. Originally, I'd tried to get this race listed officially, but it seemed the races were just for UK-based events. Perhaps I'll look into a paid version, probably more flexible.

    The race is US$1,500 which includes everything for the week, save for flights. Not cheap, but a lot cheaper than many week-long holidays to Kenya. Plus, some of this cost is a tax-refundable donation.

    Thanks again.

  • If you are thinking of running this race then I reccomend that while your in kenya you head to Iten - the home of hundreds (and hundreds) of the top Kenyan runners!!

    Check out Lornah Kiplagat's training centre (
    Or The Kenya Experience ( who run training camps for all levels of runners there!
    Amazing place to visit and run!
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