Hi, although Ive been running for over 6 years now, Ive only recently completed my first 10k. Firstly I cant belive I have left it so long as it was great and secondly I was wondering if any one out there has any advice and tips for training for distances from 10k to half marathons. I have also joined a gym to improve my general muscle tone and strength and would like some advice on the best ways to train ie whats the best weights to use and what exercises are best for runners.




  • Dan I also race from 10k to 1/2 Marathon distances and follow the following program which has knocked 6 minutes off of my PB for 10k in less than a year!
    Mon-10-15 miles easy(road)
    Tue-6-8 miles easy(week 1 off-road,week 2 road).
    Wed-7-miles,1 mile steady then continue with 3 mins fast/4mins steady (no jog)
    Thu-7-10 miles easy (week 1 road,week2 off road)
    Fri-1 mile easy then strides/skipping/bounding:- (week 1)3x1 mile(3 mins rest between each)
    (week 2)5x1000m (2 mins rest between each)
    (week 3)6x800m (1 1/2 mins rest between each)
    (week 4)12x 400m (1 mins rest between each)
    Sun Race or Fast run/time trial (5miles/10k)
  • The fitness instructors at your gym ought to be able to tell you what weights to use - if they can't, you should consider joining another gym. At the gym I belong to (Harpers) they won't let you near the equipment until you have been properly instructed in its use, and the instructors are happy to discuss your workout every time you go.
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