Trying to do it all and train for my first marathon

Training for my first marathon, had a 'good' 16 miles yesterday.

Moving house - spending all spare time doing DIY

Planning my wedding

Anyone else having a busy 2011???? Just about keeping my eyes open at work


  • I think you should prioritise:

    1. Go for your run

    2. If you are not too tired, plan the wedding

    3. Sod the DIY

  • I did a lot of my wedding planning when I was running. Perfect opportunity really for a good long think about things. I found running time particularly useful when composing my speech.  

    Good luck with it all.

  • Good luck - put running at the top of your list! I've just about given up on thinking about doing my first Marathon this year....job, house, 2 kids and a husband that works all hours! As I can't just forget about the kids I constantly run out of time and opportunity to run! Go for it!
  • Tweats, you put it all into persective! I was thinking I was mad training for my HM on 27th March, when I'm planning my wedding on 19th February. Seems easy in comparison with you...
    Also agree that the running is a welcome respite from the busy-ness of moving and weddings...
    When are the move and the wedding?
  • For once it's good to be old. I don't think running was invented when I got married. Now all I have to bother about is dovetailing the various leisure activities. My LSR won't go well if I've done a massive hill walk the day before, so it's generally run on Saturday, walk on Sunday. I don't climb hard in the run up to race, in case I get injured. etc., etc.

    Your time will come - just don't give up. More seriously, I don't know if your first marathon is also your first race, so this might be obvious already, but racing shorter distances can require less investment in training time, at least in the long slow run department. You might find that shorter but more often suits your current schedule better than having to find several hours at a stretch for LSR plus recovery.

  • Thanks, Kryten I like you 'sod' DIY, I am feeling that way now!

     I have to say running is my priority, once I'm out the door at some stupid hour on a Sunday morning I feel better and think out the wedding planning and DIY whilst I'm running. Although I had to go bridesmaid shopping on Saturday morning and I was so tired from training all week, I had to fake excitement for them!

    2-3 weeks more DIY then it'll be moving day - not sure I can last that long with the in-laws constantly giving me their opinion!!

    Wedding in about 7 months - I can't be bothered right now!!

    Doug - thanks for the comment, this is my first marathon but I've done 5 half marathons to date, so my routines are pretty good so far, its just coping with the extra milage but I think I'm kind of enjoying it a bit ssshhhhh don't tell anyone hee hee!

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