Kent Coastal Marathon 2011

Does anyone have any information on this one, such as Good / Bad / Hilly / Flat / VFM?

I certainly like the idea of entries on the day being allowed!




  • Paul - I have only every done the half marathon, it is undulating. I have been told the marathon which is the half marathon course and then you go straight on at the finish is flatter. Thanet RC races are very well organised events. I am not a member btw, thou have also done therer 10 mile race in December twice.

    So I would say it is a good race, undulating and not as flat as VLM. Hope that helps.

  • THanks Tracey for the kind words - are we seeing you this year?image

    Paul - the first half is definitely undulating - the second half much flatter but can be a bit lonely so best to ask your supporters to go there.  If you are definitely wanting to do it best not to leave it to the day to get your entry in - the last few years there has been a really mad scramble for places on the day and a few people have ended up disappointed!

  • JDFI - Well hubby has a 3 day weekend, so it is a possiblity. Hoping that Cinders might be able to do it with me again.
  • Thanks to you both, Sharon and Tracey - hmmm, or should I say Messrs Theodopolopodos and Stubbs?

    I'm now definitely not sure, as I was going to hold off committing until a bit nearer the time. I do, however, quite fancy using it as a fitness booster prior to Liverpool on 9 October, which I also put in for a few days ago. Two races in reasonably close succession should make the training seem more worthwhile.

  • Comon Paul you know it makes senseimage  You can enter right up to the closing day we usually have spaces, the only issue with on the day is that we have to limit these so it can be a gamble.

  • Well in that case, how can I possibly refuse? Margate here I come!
  • Paul - I think you have talked yourself into it. I got a great spot prize one year that I did the race, in fact it the best spot prize I have every had.

  • It just gets better and better!
  • And we have the best marshals ever - complete with jelly babiesimage
  • Flippant remark withheld.
  • I never realised before that jelly babies made such good marshalls! Presumable the fruit flavoured ones don't need HV jackets as they stand out by themselves.
  • Did this last year but as a "training" run for Abingdon. Thinking of doing again as my main marathon for the autumn (but a bit early) as a mate is getting married and his stag weekend is same as Nottingham and weding is same as inconsiderate is that!
  • I missed out last year because of a wedding, which was especially inconsiderate as the bride works for New Balance!
  • Wish people would plan their weddings better

    Did you sort the parking for them Sir C de C?

  • No, we got there late as Google maps had not updated the instructions and we encountered a number of roundabouts which were not supposed to be there.   On the positive side, we did get to drive all the way round the outside of Bolton's Reebok stadium - twice!
  • I did this last year and found it very enjoyable.  Most of the course was flat, although there were some mild hills at the start of the race.  The support from the crowds was phenomenal - it felt as though the whole town had turned out to cheer on the runners, and it certainly helped to keep me focused towards the end of the race when I started to tire.  If you're looking for a marathon where you can try and set a personal best then choose this one - the (mostly) flat course is ideal for a fast run and the marshals dotted around the course ensured that the energy gels and water never ran out.


  • My sister lives in Margate. How weird is that!
  • I just found this  race, and I am wondering if it would a good first marathon for me?? I see no personal music is allowed, silly how that can make me stumble slighty image, as I have never ran without my music.

  • You'd probably get away with one earpiece!
  • Thanks Paul, if I do it I will just go cold turkey on the music I don't want to get told off  image, I am doing the Seaford half in August with no music so maybe I might be used to it by then.

    Its worth doing then? its going to be my first marathon, and I just can't wait until next year which was my original plan!

  • Beware! They are addictive. I started with just London - getting in every few years, but then got carried away and am already down for 3 this year (so far) - Richmond Park in May, Liverpool in October and Portsmouth in December.
  • I am finding that out, I just done my first half in March I have a 10miler in a fortnight with 2 halfs booked one in August the other in November, so I can't help but want to try and get a marathon in between the 2 halfs. Yes, I have found it very addictive, and with a marathon at this price , well its hard to pass it up!

    I am going to put my name down for VLM, but I have heard its murder to get a place, and there are plenty of other great races for me to try. I would like to try the Chester marathon at some point.

  • Chester is new this year, but is on the same day as Liverpool, which is also new (or apparently back after an 18-year gap). I did a hilly half today totally off road (29 hills, I counted) and feel dead on my feet, but I've now got only 4 weeks to get up to (hilly) marathon standard including tapering down again, so I need to find a long one for next weekend, and then do Ranelagh Richmond half on 8 May, in time for Richmond Park full on 15 May. Challenging, but hopefully do-able.

     You're quite right about the bargain price of this one though, and even the EOD price is very very tempting.

  • Sounds like you have a busy few months ahead Paul!

    I will make a decision about this marathon in the next few weeks, I am so very tempted to go for it.

  • I wondering whether to gamble on spaces being available on the day. That way, I can enter it if I'm fit enough at the time, and also treat it as my long run for Liverpool, the following month. Four marathons would probably have to be my limit for 2011 though, unless ...
  • i've just enetered it today! anyone with suggestions on where to stay etc?

    Have a look on here - there are loads of places fairly close to the start.

    The numbers have arrived so I am hoping to start sending them out soon.

  • Thank you! Really excited about the marathon... now to think about the training image
  • Right accommodation all booked image thank you for that website!
  • Mmhmmmm good news - enjoy the training!
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