Four Villages Half Marathon Medal

Just looking at the medals from last year and this year. Last years medal (or rather the case it's held in) reads "1981-2010". This years reads  "30th Anniversary 1982-2011" 

 Am I being a bit thick here? If the first race was in 1982 then this year was indeed the 30th race,so why does last year's medal say 1981? 


  • OOps - maybe they made a mistake last year ? I'd not noticed ?
  • I thought that at the time
  • If I remember correctly there was a press release/info thing last year to say they had it wrong although not certain as I didnt run last year due to injury.
  • last years medal and the year before both state 1981 but this years medal states 1982, so there is a mistake somewhere.
  • Not bothered like,still a great medal,just curious..........and I'm just loving my Buff,never had a Buff before!
  • I'm not allowed to wear my Buff for work as the green clashes with my suit...image...... other than that I havent had it off!

    I hope this catches on as a post race memento! I feel like a pirate with it on my head, and a cowboy with it round my neck. Cool !

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