Andy Gray Sacked!!

I think that Sky should replace him with a lady & preferably one with bloody great big tits!!image


  • If they can't locate a lady with a big chest perhaps they could get another man with a small mind.
  • Sky have had loads of those in the past Squeakz

    Rodney Marsh was another sexist twunt, from the same era as well.
  • Don't get me wrong,I am for equality.

    I think every lady should have Sky Sports News on in the back ground while attending to a great big pile of Ironing or whilst flinging the Dyson around the living room.

  • Shamefull behaviour if you ask me, and SKY did the correct thing. Nothing more than knuckle dragging nethanderals

    I can't help but wonder if they are marrried and if some poor lady has to put up with views like that.

    Anyway who cares about them, really image

  • " I just bought the new fifa for the x box...

    it's great;

    whenever the mrs picks up the controller, Andy Gray shouts at her to get back in the kitchen. "

  • Gray and Keys only got the job in the first place because the Sky controller misunderstood when Murdoch told him nothing would  pull in the viewers like a pair of tits.  
  • Have I missed a trick here?? did they kill someone?? Or have they just been like any other group of lads at work, having a joke. Any woman that takes on a job as an assistant referee or on skysports news knows what blokes are like and it will not bother them as they will give banter straight back.

    Its just a case of backstabbing collegues and the papers manipulating the whole thing to make it seem worse than it was.

    For the people who are so shocked about this, they should really open their eyes and think about their own workplace.

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