Fallen Arches

My husband has recently been told by the physio that he has fallen arches. She has recommended a podiatrist but did say that a course of treatment may cost up to £200. Has anyone else suffered from the same? How much did the treatment cost and what was it?


  • fallen arches is a term for flat feet I thought? There isnt a treatment for that specifically...

    I have flat feet and run in a 'motion control' shoe (mizuno wave foundation)
  • I use motion control running shoes and insoles and have had no problems running.
    I have been told that it is possible for young people with fallen arches to exercise the arch over a stair to reduce the problem. Not sure if this is just a myth.
  • I have flat feet and also run in motion-control shoes. I was once sweet-talked by a podiatrist into paying big money for orthotics, and they made no difference.

    Wait till you get injuries that are linked specifically to the fallen arches before you shell out megabucks.
  • I've been wearing orthotics for about three years. I have a fallen arch on the right side only, and discovered this when I went to my GP. I was referred to an orthotist through the NHS ad recieved custom orthoses free gratis. My problem was that I thought that if I wore motion control shoes I would be fine, but spent the next year with knee trouble because the combination of both threw me out too far. I'm wearing a neutral shoe(pegasus) and everything has been fine since. Perhaps your husband can try the same angle on the NHS?
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