groin strain problems

Does anyone have any advice on groin strain problems. How long should this injury be rested i hurt my groin mid december rested for two weeks after first week it felt ok so did stretching exercises for one week then started running managed three weeks then felt the pain again.


  • No real suggestions i'm afraid other than ice the area to reduce swelling.

    About 18months ago i managed to get a 'double' groin strain which, both adductor muscles at the same time. All i could do was let it heal, and regularly sit in a bath of cold water. A few gentle stretches helped ease it slightly then very slow progress back to fitness. Listen to your body.

  • Thanks for the advice will go out tomorrow for gentle 4 or 5 miles have rested for a couple of weeks now i feel no pain in stretching and going mad not running.
  • It took me 5 months to sort mine out. If it hurts I would leave it. I bought a groin support from physio supplies and the problem pretty much disappeared in this area. Mine was due to poor biomechanics in the right leg.
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