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I am competing in the Brighton Marathon in April and need some advise ,I am way behind on my running due to injury and illness plus all the snow did not help I know I have about 9 weeks to go and sure I can put in bit ,advise says you should not put more than 10% on each week but was wondering if I could maybe add % each day

any advise would be gratefully recieved



  • You are not sleeping according to the title ?

    You have been ill and you have been injured, both of which are usually a sign that you are over training and this leads quite usually to lack of sleep

    the 10% rule is there for a reason and it is to ensure that you do not increase too much and too soon and so to lead again to further injury and illness

    If you have a particularly good base fitness then sometimes you can get away with adding a bit more

    What is your longest run so far, when was your last run and are you fully recovered from the illness?

    You may still be ok for Brighton but you may have to adjust your expected time
  • Get down to the Brighton Marina at 9am on Sunday mornings. Large beginner friendly group and advice on how to achieve your realistice goals with the time available-DON'T PANIC

    And it won't cost you a penny!!

  • Hi

    Thanks for the replies ,yes I am finally over all the bugs I have managed 13miles no problem and have taken it slowly since being ill doing appox 6 miles a day

    hoping if the weather is reasonable this weekend to do a longer run I would say a have a pretty good base fitness thankfully I am not looking for a particular time finish ,I decided to run for help4hereos so that is keeping me motivated

  • 6 miles a day may be a tad excessive for marathon training ... have a look at a schedule to see how they mis up pace v distance week on week
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