Alternative to Asics Nimbus 11

I'm looking to an alternative to Asics Nimbus 11,

I run the London Marathon in these last year and they were fantastic during training but on the day I lost two toenails and had hideous blisters image

Many Thanks



  • I've lost toenails in my Nimbus in events but bizarrely - and like you - never in training. I suspect it's not the shoes but the fact that you're going harder in events so put more pressure onto the feet/nails etc. because of that I've not seen a need to switch but of you want alternatives try Asics Cumulus, Brooks Defyance or Mizuno Wave Rider
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    Asics Nimbus 12? image
  • New Balance 1064, they have normal, wide and extra wide options if you have broad feet.
  • I think that if you had no problems in training, then the type of shoe is not really the cause.

    It's just the extra distance, more miles of pounding your toes, your feet getting damper as you run (and sweat) for longer - especially if you went through the showers?

    I lost a toenail after one marathon, but not the others, but all were done in the same kind of shoe (not the same pair, though!).

  • I had the same problem, have moved to Mazuno wave rider 14 and gone up a half size. No problems since.

  • I went for the Nike Lunar Glides 2+ and so far they feel great I have done one 4 mile & one 10 mile and the feel very good.......

     I get a 30day trial with them image

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