Hi all,

Looking for some advice of my first Tri bike - or I should be more specific, a RoadTT bike that doubles up as my Tri bike.

 Basically I have no idea what I am looking for and what to look for in a good bike which will see me well in a Tri

I have been on various Websites but Wiggle has been recommended to me highly. I need to keep a relaistic price for my pocket so I am limiting myself to £600 budget.

 Can I have some advice recommedations on these or other bikes....

Giant Defy 4 2010

Tifosi CK3 Sports Road Bike 2010

Raleigh Airlite 400 2010

 Please help......


  • Hi Nathan

     I don't know much about bikes but when buying tri kit in general it is not the distinctions between the bikes that is important, but the things differentiate you and your training from others. In other words, you need to get a bike which is right for you, not a bike which is intrinsically 'better' than any other. In practice this means thinking about what you want to use the bike for (training, commuting, sportifs, triathlons etc) and then just try them all out and see which feels right for you.

    Someone will come along now and talk about why some components are better than others, which might also be useful.


  • I hope someone with greater knowledge will be along at some point, however, my twopennyworth

    the most important factor when buying a bike is fit, which means buying over the net can be problematic, your local bike shop (LBS) will be able to put you on a bike and say yea or nay (if they are any good).  TT/Tri bikes will have a more aggresive/aerodynamic (= possibly uncomfortable) setup, as Gyraffe says you need to look at what you will be using it for. 

    If you are looking for 'bang for buck' then last years model will give you better value (which looking at your suggested list is what you've done).

    Very impressed by the shimano componentry on the raleigh- unfortunately only the teeny tiny one is left.  Giant looks a real rag bag of componentry but is a triple (greater range of gearing).

  • hi,

     Evans cycles have a sale on, have a look bit more off a selection than wiggle.

  • Given your budget and the fact that this is your first road bike I would forget about a tri bike and find a good road bike.  I would echo Ferret's comment about going to a bike shop rather than trying to buy from the interweb.


    Most people buy their first road bike without knowing anything about how a bike should fit.  They buy one that looks nice from the net or from a large shop that doesn't offer advice on bike fit.  12-18 months later they realise that it's the wrong size and despite their attempts to adjust the seat and bars they're never going to make it fit so they go to a good bike shop, ask for advice and buy one that does fit.  That obviously wastes money so I suggest you avoid the mucking about by going to a decent bike shop in the first place.  Tell us where you are and we'll try and recommend a shop.

  • May I recommend this too

    This is a triple, has a full Shimano groupset, yes it,s Sora but this has evolved compared to what it was a few years ago. The lower range are the 2300 series which most companys are using now to make more money in the sell. Also Cube are a very well known and built bike, in biker worlds that is. Say to someone down the pub youve just bought a Cube with Sora and all you will get is "Is it HD ready"
    Only 2 left though in large sizes so if your 6' to 6'2/3" your in luck at this price.

    Also if your tall enough the Cube Peloton, it's got carbon fork and Tiagra gearing {next one up from Sora}

  • But have a look at the geometry on those Cubes - that's not a race bike - you really do need to know what you want if you are buying a bike over the internet.    

    Unless the OP wants to take pot luck on the bike being a real white elephant they need a good shop (and the majority aren't) or a knowledgeable cyclist to  at least see them on different bikes and give advice - a proper fit would be preferable. 

  • Ok guys - That is all great advice and the general feel is that I should park my ass on one before buying. WIth that in mind I am returning to the Spesh Allez that I sat on and rode at Evans towards the end of last year - It felt right and was recommended and sized by the guy at the MK store. So I am going to stick with this one and see how it plays out. Found a 2010 model for £375 so that can't be bad.

    Thanks for all your advice - it helped no end - see you on the roads soon! (ish)

  • bit late to this but would have agreed with pops and Mr W about getting to a LBS and looking at what they have....

    you won't go far wrong with an Allez as a first bike though - they sell loads of them for a good reason - they are good bikes. not the best for tri racing but you have to compromise and learn when you start racing and build up from there. you'll see loads of these bikes at tris

    good luck
  • I did like this on that Cube website:

    "On polished and brushed aluminium and all HPC frames the logos and graphics are applied in multi-layer wet paint. We use this surface treatment technology mainly to save weight."

    Don't worry about Sora or the whether the geometry fits, it's got lightweight paint!  Gotta get me one of those!

  • I missed that CD - but yes, a great feature. next step - no makers's marks or logos - save even more weight!! take the wheels off - bingo - lightweight bike!!!

  • Nice colour too image wet paint white is the new black.
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