Asics Gel 3020 - Any good

It's that time again when I have to look at replacing my running shoes.  In the past I got on well with the Saucony Triumph 7 then they revamped (i.e. ruined it).  Generally though I have got on well with the Asics 20XX range.  Every now and then though they produce a duff model (2030 springs to mind).  Has anyone tried the 3020?


  • Hey, the 2030 was 13 years ago!

    Forgive and forget I say...
  • The 2110 and 2130 were naff.  The 2120 and 2140 were pretty good though.  The 2150 had awful reviews with complaints of the new style cushioning causing blisters after 3 miles or so.  When Asics produce a good shoe it seems to be really good but they also have a habit of producing real duffers.  I'm just wondering what people's experience is of the 3020.
  • It's a very different shoe to the Triumph - much more supportive, while the Saucony is neutral. Similar shoes to the Triumph would be the Mizuno Creation, Asics Nimbus, Brooks Glycerin or Nike Vomero.

    Never worn the 3020.

  • I have some Asics 2150, and to be honest I am quite happy with them, I have never worn the 3020 though.
  • I've been running in the (near identical) 3010 for a year.  Great shoe.  Comparible support to the Kayano (which I also owned), but with a lower heel to forefoot ratio.  That is, the 30XX feels flatter and more in contact with the road than the Kayano.

    My only criticism of the 30XX is that the forefoot cushioning is a tad marginal for me, but you may find it fine.  Heel cushioning is lush.  It also has a forefoot cradle which helps with my late-stage pronation. I find it a stable, natural feeling shoe - good heel to toe transition - it flows well.  In fact, better than the Kayano.

     There's a review here:,7120,s6-240-400--13496-2-1X2X3X4X5-6,00.html

     I've not run in the 21XX so can't compare.

    Hope that helps.

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