Recovery after 70.3

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I am doing my first HIM in June and am planning an autumn marathon (all going well, should be my second) which is 17 weeks later. I would be grateful for advice on the recommended recovery post-HIM, if indeed there is one, so I can plan my marathon schedule accordingly. Thanks!


  • Shouldn't take too long to get over a HIM - I almost pbd a half marathon the week after a HIM ?
  • 17 weeks is plenty of time for recovery and marathon training.....

    take a week off with just some gentle recovery sessions after the HIM and then hammer back into long distance run training - simple. if you're following a 16 week or so marathon programme you can ditch the first few weeks as the HIM training will have given you a sound base to work from.......

    errrm - I'm looking an ultra 2 weeks after an fact, I think I'll take another look! image
  • In total agreeement with FB & Cougie,   this has pb mara written all over it for you.   Your base fitness will be at a great level after HIM training,  even with a good 3 weeks of recovery after the HIM you've then got 14 weeks to get the speed endurance work sharpened up and the longer runs that you'll be starting off with shouldn't seem at all difficult.

    Which marathon are you aiming for?

  • i did IMUK (ok i didn't make it to the end but i did 126 miles) and i then did berlin marathon 8 weeks later.
    But what it comes down to is plans for your marathon....mine was just to finish yours might be under 3.30 etc in which case you'll need to plan a proper recovery. That said....2 weeks rest....15 weeks focussed run training will easily be enough
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    Many thanks for your responses. I suspect I will feel fresher after the HIM than after marathon! The second marathon I am planning is Abingdon which I am already looking at as a faster attempt given the spring marathon will be my first.

    What I am struggling to work out now is the scheduling of everything because I would ideally like to try a higher mileage training schedule for Abingdon than the one I am currently using. That means I need to ensure my running mileage stays high. How would I do that but still incorporate the swim and cycle training I will be trying to fit into my schedule? I have looked at various ways of swapping cycling for recovery runs and fitting in swimming on rest days so I can stick with a high mileage running-centric schedule. I know that cycling is the main element of a tri but find running as an aerobic activity is easier to fit into my life as I have 4 kids to juggle too. It has been said to me many times to get on my bike! In particular as I once cycled into the back of a parked car so my road handling skills could do with some work image

    Edited to say VLM is the first marathon.
  • my feeling would be not to worry about the Abingdon training in the run up to HIM and just focus on specific training for the HIM.

    what you are doing with the HIM is building an excellent stamina-driven aerobic base as Jaffa says which will be great for the start of Abingdon training. I don't think you need to do the very high mileage stuff until after HIM - you will have at least 13/14 weeks to pile the miles then and I think you'll be surprised by how many miles you will fit in once you start dropping the bike and swim sessions - you may still want to keep some of them for variety and breaks from the road pounding but over shorter time/distances.

    the danger you could get into is overtraining by trying to do too much and train for 2 events simultaneously.
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    Thanks for the advice, Fat Buddha. I am really looking forward to preparing for these events! I am focussing on my first marathon and will then have a 9 week period to get my swimming and cycling honed (ahem, started) for the HIM. I have a feeling the preparations for the second marathon will be really satisfying being the second time round!
  • 9 weeks isnt much to get a 2k swim
    And a 56m bike sorted ? Unless youve already got some background in those ?
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