Im feeling a little wonky at the moment and wondered if anyone else has a similar problem or words of wisdom to share.
After suffering from years of constant injuries, due to running, I recently visited a well recommended physio -who, in treating my current injuries, also told me I have a marked leg length discrepancy as well as an unusual gait ( one she had never seen before).I overpronate on one foot and supinate on the other..Lopsided.


  • I dont think there is a part of my body that matches the other side from shoulder blades, to legs and feet. I would be interested to see what the physio recommends! It doesn't bother me but all the niggles come down one side of my body.

    Apparently models are attractive because they are symmetrical, so I know that's one career change I couldn't do even if I did have a pretty face.
  • You and me both Forrest
  • I experienced similar news about leg length and a non-straight pelvis
    - which in my case manifested itself as an ITB problem. The proposed solution
    was to relearn to walk properly. Unfortunately I could not afford this option so
    went for a couple of inserts into one of my running shoes and a promise that
    in future I would build up my distances gradually. So far so good - although I
    know I am still lopsided when I run - I can hear the difference when my feet
    hit the ground.
  • Looks like Im not on my own..Forrest, physio has given me stetching and strengthening exercises to do... but has recommended a podiatrist if i want to run 'injury-less' in the future.
    Apparenly you can claim most of this on medical insurance Keith, or if you can get into the Nhs system (perhaps via physio/ortho dept.) you can be referred to an NHS podiatrist.
  • My GP referred me to a podiatrist, (I have plantar fasciitis), I thought it would take ages to get an appointment and but it only took 5 weeks. I haven't been yet, it's a week on Monday.

    I'll be really interested to hear what they have to say as I've noticed that my hips swing forward on my left side (the side of my gammy foot!).

    I'll let you know how I get on.
  • Good luck for next monday... 5 weeks sounds quite quick. It'd be good to know how you go on.Its funny all these things you start noticing about yourself ...and boy have I realised how funny I walk!!!
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