MP3/MP4 advice needed

I'm looking at buying a music player that has the following requirements:

MUST be able to dock in a docking station

Has half decent sound quality

8GB+ of memory

Other than that I don't give a monkeys how much it weighs, whether it plays video and photos, if it has a radio or a voice recorder, or what the controls are like.  I'm looking for one that will spend its life sitting in a docking station.  I havelooked through the website and amazon but no-one seems to be able to say whether they "dock" or not.

 So I thought I'd ask the experts..................


  • Don't go for one of the new iPod Nanos - they don't charge off many docking stations.

    Any MP3 player will dock with almost any dock (excluding Bose Sounddock, which only have an iPod interface) using the headphone jack.
  • Yeah, we've got one that docks with the headphone jack but they dont charge so we've got wires going from the MP3 plyer to the plug, which looks a bit untidy, so was wondering which ones sat on the docking plug.


  • Hi,

    As far as I know only ipods will sit on a docking station, I don't know of any company that makes a docking station for other brands, probably because most of them use a mini-usb variant connection so it wouldn't be very stable.

     The ipodnano and a dock that it will sit on sounds like your best bet if a docking station is a must.

  • Best sound quality by far is the new Sony Walkman.

    ipods are pants in comparrison. No other mp3 player comes close.

    You pay for it though.

    video quality is brilliant.

  • Aye up,
    I use both Ipod Nano and Ipod Touch. I have a BOSE Wave with docking attachment and another seperate BOSE dock speaker. I swear by both. The sound quality it top rate, they are easy to use. Charge quickly and when out running great to slip in an arm band. I will buy more if anything happens to them and if anything, my IPODs are largely responsible for me starting to run a bit more. The only improvement I could make really is to buy an Iphone so that I have comms if I get stuck. Happy shopping.
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