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... it's my first new thread on this forum, so be nice please :0/
OK so I'm not running for weight loss BUT since I've been increasing the length of my weekend LSR, I eat like a monster for the rest of that day. Seems a little counter-productive, no? I don't know if I'm *exactly* putting weight on, as I can't be arsed to weigh myself, but I am finding my jeans are getting tighter. I'm no more or less gluttonous after my shorter runs through the week but I guess I'm more than compensating at the weekends. How do I stem the gluttony?


  • Perhaps you can continue to eat a lot but eat healthy ?
  • I experienced the same thing training last year, although I didn't see a difference on the scales I did tone up a lot and that made me happy enough!! as mentioned above just try to stick to healthy protein, lots of chicken to keep you feeling full for longer and porridge for breakfast, you could also try protein bars which are pretty filling (not overly tasty but they may help!) You burn off a lot of energy training so you're body is wanting you to replace it.
  • Are you eating something filling within 20 - 30mins after the run (containing carbs and protein)?

    If not then you will likely graze all day.

    After my LSR I have Bergen Bread toast (low GI), scrambled eggs and smoked salmon (99p trimmings from ASDA) and a banana / yogurt / honey smoothie.

    I'm then "back on track" and only need to eat as per normal that day.

  • After a long run I have a bagel with peanut butter and a banana some fruit juice and lots of water. It's usually the day after a lsr that I feel ravenous!!
  • Make sure that you are drinking plenty after your run. you maybe eating for the rehydration value rather than nutrition value.

    try a smoothie. Today I had apple; mango; lemon juice (didn't have a lime but it was still lush) yoghurt and water - made 2 pints. this does me well. I have also had 2 cups green tea and now I feel fine. The garden beckons.

    Running Kev - if I ate that lot I wouldn't need to eat for the rest of the dat LOL.

  • Thanks
    biker-mouse, yes I drink plenty of water.
    I didn't realise there was a science behind this but seems there may be? TBH I don't feel at all like eating for a good hour after the run, but after that I feel ravenous for the rest of the day. Bagel sounds lush but I don't think I'd stomach it. But I'll definitely try the smoothie- I've got a juicer that hasn't been used for an age, so I'll dig that back out.
  • I too tend to get ravenous the day AFTER a very long slow run. Immediately after a long run I'm not that hungry but whizz up a milk, chocolate and banana shake- sometimes with a dollop of peanut butter in it. Then I eat normally for the rest of the day. But at work the next day I find I have to keep on refuelling throughout the day and find I am just craving a nice huge hot meal!
  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭

    I find I am more hungry if I run too hard on the lsr or its over 20 miles or so...

    Personally I think re-fueling is important so will eat if hungry, but try to run a little easier during the run so I stay in the fat burning zone as much as possible and therefore get less hungry. If you are ravenous it may be your using all your gylcogen stores and therefore your body is making you replenish them. Do you arrive back feeling completely wiped out?

    Also agree that getting something down as soon you can is good - smoothies are ace as is toast and some fruit. 

    Tomorrow however, I will graze all day (I also eat more on my rest day for some reason) image

  • Where are your jeans getting tighter? If you're doing more running then you shouldn't really be surprised if your legs (and maybe even your bum) get a bit bigger as they pack on more muscle, hence the jeans getting tighter.

    The comments made about eating post-run are good, although like you I don't usually feel much like eating after a long run, so I have to force myself to eat something. Lining up something you really like or are craving for after the run helps, even if it's something a bit naughty you perhaps wouldn't normally have when you're training hard. Yesterday I had two bacon sandwiches after my 21 miler - I figure that they won't do any harm when I've just expended several thousand calories running.

  • There is that lovely bit of research that says beer is better than water post exercise... so who needs foodimage
  • BOTF - there are worse things to eat than bacon sandwiches, they're not that bad if you grill the bacon. And they're a perfect carb / protein combo.
  • Another thought - are you getting enough rest / sleep. If you are not getting enough sleep then you maybe eating to compensate. I was reading something regarding that recently, can't quite remember the details but it did say we tend to eat more when we don't have enough rest.
  • The 30-minute window after finishing exercise is extremely important to re-load, using protein and carbs. I eat wholemeal toast and peanut butter followed by a banana and a large mug of replacement drink as soon as I come in from the run.  Refueling right afterwards is trainable - I used to not be able to stomach solid food for a couple of hours after running but I've learned over time to eat during the optimum 30 minutes, it doesn't have to be lots, a small amount is enough, then eat a healthy balanced meal later on.
  • Previously I'd eat a little when I got in from a long run or race, then fill up later when I found it easier to eat.

    Of late I have learnt to cram lots of carbs in afterwards, mainly due to the fantastic spread of food available after the our XC league races. Sandwiches, sausage rolls, all good.

  • My legs are big and muscly, yes, which is great :0)
    But I know I'm eating like a monster for that one day... I certainly don't get enough sleep, which is down to having a 2 year old (and sometimes the 10 year old :0/) who likes to wake in the night, juggling work, and getting married in 2.5 weeks... Not a lot I can do about getting more sleep really. I often feel like I'm desperate for a nap a couple of hours after a LSR too, although I rarely get to nap for more than about 20 minutes... but that can be magic..
  • ... so I've had a smoothie as soon as poss after the LSR for the last couple of weeks, and it's working a dream. Excellent, it seems to stave off the gluttony perfectly for the rest of that day.
  • I call at the shop for the paper at the end of my Sunday long run. I find a Freddo bar a perfect post run snack with a bottle of water
  • Glad you've found a solution, certainly good advice.  I've been quite bad and hitting up the chocolate milk after a run, then grabbing something like a tuna roll or a handful of peanuts to make it a little more substantial.

    I bet I'm not the first to say it, but well done for juggling wedding prep and a consistent training schedule - I wish I was that organised!

  • Yes I've managed to keep up running 3 times a week. Juggling that with work- I can't take time off in term time as I'm a teacher- and the two kids. It is busy to say the least.
    I'm getting married next Saturday 19th and I plan to do my LSR on the Thursday or Friday as I don't think I'll get around to it on my one day honeymoon on Sunday ;0)... or on Saturday for that matter. Am thinking that may be a bit ambitious though, I think I need to be beautifying or something, not to mention sorting out food, flowers etc. etc.... running keeps me centred and sane tho.... I think I'm addicted :0)
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