Meon Valley Plod 2011

Due to unprecedented demand for places this year the Meon Valley Plod is now FULLY subscribed.  I wish all entrants the best of luck and look forward to welcoming you to the start on the 27th February! ENJOY!!!!!  Sharon Bryan - Race Secretary, Portsmouth Joggers Club.


  • I jogged the new course this morning and with the wind, rain and very muddy conditions managed to finish in 3:02.

    The new course is just as challengeing as the last. The hill instead of Butser is tough toughimage had to use the fence to pull me up most of it!!!

  • Hmm.....

    Should we keep our fingers crossed for a few dry days between now and the 27th...?

  • Yes - we are indeed.  However, after last year's snow followed by persistent rain for most of Feb it should be  a doddle!  She says! Hope you have a great Plod. image
  • Sharon well done at the Bramley yesterday.

    The weather conditions were perfect, did you enjoy it?

  • Thanks Tony. I never find 20 miles easy! Great team spirit. We fielded 4 men and 3 ladies teams. Good weather and I suppose I could say 'enjoy' might be a word I'd use after my Radox Bath!  hahaha
  • If anyone out there is unfortunate enough to have a number for the MVP but is not able to run then please PM me annd I will happily pay to take it off your hands.  It sounds like a great event - I like mud!
  • Ahhhh no Butser this year??!!
  • Smitch, the land owners are not allowing us access this year.  The route crosses a lot of private land so we have to have the permission and good will of the landowners for the event to take place.

    But I believe that the route still goes part way up Butser and is still challenging.

  • It's actually a part of Butser that we have been asked to avoid as it's now an SSSI. Shame but we have no real option but to amend the route. It doesn't affect the route greatly, Rest assured!!!!!
  • Ahh, that's ok then.  When I have 'run' this before, I normally think after Butser it is not far to go (more of a mental thing I think).  Glad to see the hills are still there.............hmmmm... 
  • Just did a 5M plod, roughly the first 5M of the course.


    One huge climb, literally a climb,

    some mud but also some firm stretches that are not too bad.

    Rain and mist all the way. We need some sunshine!

  • Hi runners image I would love to run this race event ...unfortunately i cant make imageif anyone is interesting in my place i can send you my race number and pay me the fee paypal imageor send me an email...

    thank you...


  • Hey redcat.. that's a shame.  Can you please let me know if you do pass your number on ... We need to make sure that all our runners are safe whilst running and that their names and DOB's are recorded for prizes too!!!  Thank you. Sharon MVP organiser.
  • Hi sharon, thank you for let me knowimage....sorry i cant make it image   looks like this is a good race event! Im just recovering from my ultra marathonimage.....


  • redcat: I'll take that place if it's still available. YHM.


  • Has anyone who has a number for the plod and is unable to run please can you let me know as I was too late to enter and i need the hill practice for my ENDUR international race in the summer.
  • i was looking forward to this but got hit by a car on my bike this morning i now have a place available as i dint think running it with a few broken ribs and a broken hand will be  good

    my place is now avaiable

  • Hello people.

    Just wanted to say thank you to the organisers really! Support was very very cheerful all round the course, drinks and food very welcome and whoever baked all those cakes, well done!

    The course obviously hits you for six but that's what it all about I suppose.....

    Well done Portsmouth Joggers

  • Yes, thanks very much to Portsmouth Joggers, a really fun event. And great cake. Mmmm...
  • Fab event - very well done PJC.

    Who were the photographers btw? I can't wait to see those photos image
  • Well this was my first Meon Valley plod. What started of as a lovely sunny warm day, was quickly replaced by plummeting temperatures followed by wind,rain and loads of mud, mud and more mud.

    The day however was well catered for and organised. Well planned and routed with plenty of cake afterwards. Well done to all behind the scenes and to all those hardy runners who took part in this not so friendly cross country run lol....
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