Getting stains out of wicking shirts!?

I'm a girl, but I have to confess I really sweat!! My lovely white "Climacool"(80% polyester) t shirt is now mostly icky grey, especially the sweaty bits, although it is pretty old. But now I've noticed my newish(this winter) Ronhill hi vis long sleeved top is beginning to show the familiar grey marks - I sometimes use a bio liquid, but mostly use a non bio liquid, and never hotter than 40 degrees. Does anyone have any good tips for stain removal?Or has anyone tried/can recommend any of the sports clothes specific washing detergents that have appeared recently which are supposed to have anti bac qualities?



  • Prob not much than can be done now but in the future I would soak clothes in Miltons or rinse them out as soon as you get back from a run?
    If your top is white try some Glowhite or something similar .... I suspect specialist stuff for tennis clothing could be worth a try?
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