sore knees

just bought a pair of Asics 2150's and now after my 6th run and have sore knees (on the insideo of both) and a sore lower back. I upgraded to the 2150's from Gel-Pulse and after 400miles thought they were getting a bit tired. can anyone advise on why this would be so. i had been advised that these were a simillar shoe. or is it old age.


  • Hi nstcl

    I take it, you've had your gait analysed and these are the type of running shoes that are correct for your specific foot type and strike etc??

    Long ago I made the mistake of just buying generic trainers for running from a sport shop but then paid for it with shin splints and  aching knees from the fact the shoes were neutral and it turns out I needed more support from a running shoe, as I have high arches and over pronate a fair bit.

    If you haven't has this assessment, I highly recommend you do asap. As far as I know, The Gel pulse are geared towards neutral over pronation however the 2150s are for more serious over pronation, I could be wrong but this could be the issueas the support etc will be significantly different.

     Hope this helps


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