Regent's Park runs

remember when the new forum appeared there was a lot of BIG CHAT about runnig in regent's park at lunchtimes etc etc - well i only got one name (Jason L).

i seem to recall that the (now silent ) new runner was up for this and one other person, who's name escapes me.

NR and other person - any appetite for this


  • I might be interested. Would be good fun if could get a few people together.
  • WWR,

    That was almost certainly me. I work in Portland Place (which I noticed the other day is only a few hundred metres from the delivery address of your vest!) and I generally run in Regent's Park every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday lunchtime. Some company would be great, although I am currently on a fairly strict training regime for Dublin so I might be a bit slow for you at the moment, as my training runs these days tend to be not quicker than 9 minute mile pace and sometimes closer to 10 depending on the session.

    We should definitely give this a whirl though. I'll probably go to Hyde Park tomorrow (Wednesday) as I've got 8 miles to do, but I'll be back to Regent's on Thursday for 4 miles around the park at 9 - 9.5 minute mile pace if anyone fancies it? I promise to leave the convict suit at home Wolf!

    BTW, don't know what has become of new runner - however I seem to remember her saying that lunchtimes were out for her and that she tends to go out after work.


  • Don't know if you know but the Serpentine Running club organise a 5k on the last friday of every month in Hyde Park, which takes place at about 12:30. I was thinking about this myself but working in Moorgate its going to be difficult to get there and back at lunch.

    I'll stick to running along the Thames and playing dodge the tourist. Wonder how many photos there are of Tower Bridge with me speeding (?!!) past in the background.
  • sounds promising - i'll get an e-mail list set up

    greg - how quick are you?

    i think that DW, JL and i are all around the 1.50/for a half mark (i wish - given latest crapness)
  • Mornington chasers organise a 10km first sunday of every month in regents park - no e/d this year - usually a good turn out of 100-200.
  • WWR,

    I'll get my excuse for poor performance in now...half marathon PB 1:53!!!!

  • er....DW my last two halfs (halves??) have been DNF and 2.07, so i think you may be dragging me around
  • I can do a sub 45 min 10K, although we'll see precisely how sub 45 it'll be after the Nike 10K on Sunday. Generally though I run at a fairly sedate pace as I started off doing distance rather than speed. I'm happy to run at whatever pace though.
    I'm not around for runs next week as I've got the 10K on sunday and then at the weekend am doing a KIMM training weekend in Cumbria which is probably going to be fairly knackering (and way above my fitness levels!). But keen to get some in in October.
  • Wolfie - I'd be very interested in Regent's Park runs. I work in Marylebone High Street, so it's very close. I'm a very new beginner, but it would be great to at least start a run with you guys, even if you're way ahead of me a minute later...
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