new dad's + running

Hey. Just thought I'd start this thread as I'm training for a race and hope to manage fatherhood at the same time, I hope we can share tips etc to see how life be made more amenable during this time


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    [bites tongue to avoid making comments about logistics]

    When's the race, and when's the baby due?  Hopefully not too close together, or you may find yourself either disappointed or very unpopular! 

  • Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha..... (and not mentioning your spurious apostrophe).  I'm a new dad and although I would love to get out and run it really isn't possible unless I abandon my wife and daughter for an hour each evening, which would make me as popular as syphilis at a porn star's convention.


    If you intend to keep up your running during the early weeks (months) you'll have to find a way to do it which doesn't impact on your time with your baby.  Can you run at lunchtime?

  • We have a 10 month old but I've just about kept running going. Lunch time is good, as MW says. Also running to work instead of sitting on the tube is a good idea.

    I'm training for a marathon at the moment and I've had to cut down the number of weekend long runs, as otherwise I wouldn't be about. I also do them early - i.e. 6.30 am, so I'm done before the day has really got going.

     Good luck!

  • I'm with Nessie ..............*bites tongue*!

    You haven't said what the race is.  Is it a long one or shorter one, obviously a shorter one being more do-able on getting out to train?

  • We have a 3 month old. Fortunately I have a fairly understanding wife who also likes running. Lunchtimes aren't an option for me, neither is running to or from work, so it has to be early mornings and evenings. I'm working towards making my training as efficient as possible.

    It will be more of an issue once Mrs CB goes back to work though!

  • skottyskotty ✭✭✭

    what's the problem?

  • Baby can't go in a jogger till approx 5 months but before that you'll probably be too tired anyway!
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    ah finally a thread i can relate to! parenthood and running are hard to combine, especially if your working long hours too!
    ive got 3 kids aged 1, 5 and 7 and work 12hr shifts on a 4 on 4 off rotation. ive been able to maintain racing this last 7 years but there does have to be compromise. ie my marathon times are down by at least 40mins. its all one big juggling act, but certainly keeps you on your toes! i guess also it helps if your other half is a bit of a runner as then you understand the importance of that bit of me time and the relief running gives you!
  • I already have a buggy on standby in the cellar for when Little Miss W is old enough.
  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    4 kids ... 50 miles per week ... just get yourself organised.  imageimage

    Seriously, the great thing about running is its flexibility ... it's the ideal passtime to fit around a busy life.

  • currently have a broken leg, although should be somewhat healed by now, so. this is from past rather than current expeirence

     i have three girls, 2,4,5. Family has to come first, so if the wife looks like she could turn violent if i suggest going for a run, i skip it.

    Get used to running at 8/9/10pm, when the kids are (hopefully) in bed.

    I managed to train for the London Marathon last year, but i have to admit, I didnt do it on my own, and my wife sacrificed quite aq bit for me to be able to do it, particularly the long runs at the weekend. Impossible to stick to a program though.

     ...yep, flexibility is definately the key, you have to be flexible, but thankfully, so is running!

  • Wow,thread is thread is red hot. Babyis due this week, the 7th to be exact. Training for the forest of dean half. It's on march 27. It looks loke allot of you guys fit it in anywhere you can... o am looking into a baby jogger now
  • Good luck for the 7th or when baby does arrive image   Have a look on ebay too for joggers, they are very expensive new.  I've not long sold our one on on ebay as little C won't sit still long enough now!
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    sham, ive seen that 'look' from my wife too!

    Brynster, sure you will fit it all in mate. the arrival of your first throws everything on its head for a week of two, or at leqst it did in my house! you dont get a guide book or a manual either! im actually quite envious of you, those first days are priceless! my kids now come and support me and my 7yf old has already done some fun runs and a mini duathlon. Running is a real family affair for us, the highlight was the 24hr Thunder Run in August last year. a 10k off road course and i managed to park our motorhome at the start/finish line so every lap we did we were greeted with cheers and banners!
  • Relating to this thread very much indeed! I've been blessed with two boys 3 years and 7 months. I've taken a step back seeing as 18 hours shifts as a chef and having a family are very much like oil & water plus adding training sessions into the mix; I've seen "THE LOOK" many a time. I find it easier to get out as soon as my wife gets in so that I'm back for bed time duties. Other than that understanding is needed.

  • Cragchick, maybe ill change the title, it will be a little bit more diverse then at least?

    I have found the running buggy that im going to get, its this one..Out and about , i live in Swansea so i can do some of the Swansea Bay 5 k races by the time they come around, july/august time?

    Does anyone have a treadmill and do you use it indoor when the baby is there?

  • Definitely, It's all a bonus, although the accessories seem to be quite expensive..

    At the moment I'm following a training plan which you lot must have heard of, the 3+2 training. Three key sessions and two cross training, its worked well so far...
  • I am in much the same situation as you. Baby due Aprl, first Ironman August. People laugh when I say my wife was supportive because I had to do this year before I turn 40. Apparently all deals are off when junior actually arrives.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    brynster, i do like that plan. the cross training helps to fend off injuries too. im trying to do somerhing similar at the moment as ive got an event in sept that includes trail running, off road mountqin biking and some kayaking. another fun weekend away for the family!
  • Pugsley, if you can do an ironman whilst having family commitments then there is hope for us

    Mr f, cross training definitely keeps training manageable, allot of my runner buddies don't and often. Complain of overtiredness
  • As I read this thread, I am sat in running gear having just put my two little princes to bed (3 and 1)!  I was hoping my wife would be back from work on time so I could get out for an hour but alas she is a police detective and some little scrote has kept her late!! How mush coverage does a portable baby monitor have, ha ha!

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Little G.. me and my wife are both job so that phonecall is all too familiar mate!
    hope you managed to get out!
  • Hi Brynster,

    I think we have met once with your buddy FLimage

    All i can say about running and having little ones is yes you can carry on running but in my case you may not want to carry on racing so much  because as they get into the toddler stage  i wanted to spend all my non working days watching them grow up image I think it all depends on how many days you dont have to work aswell.

    My 2 lovely boys are 20 and 18 now and i can race as much as i likeimage

    Good luck for the coming weeksimage

  • Pugsley wrote (see)
    I am in much the same situation as you. Baby due Aprl, first Ironman August. People laugh when I say my wife was supportive because I had to do this year before I turn 40. Apparently all deals are off when junior actually arrives.

    Having done IM I can tell you that there's no way on earth I would be able to do the amount of training required now that I'm a new dad.  It's not just that other things take up your time but the other things become more important.  With IM training you can't even fit in quick sessions when time allows.  You have to do the 6-7 hour bike rides, the 3-4 hour runs and the hours of swimming.

    I wish you all the best but please don't miss your baby's early weeks and months in exchange for an IM finish.

  • Having a 5 month old and training for The Brighton Marathon does make me focus and use any spare time I have.

    Lunchtime runs are a necessity as is getting out at 6 on a Saturday morning. It's going to be tough when those LSR hit 20+ miles.

  • Loving this thread completley agree with lots of the comments you can still train at the same level you did before having kids but i've had to adjust the times that im doing them. i've now started running to and from work and going out on lunch times if you can is a good idea. I do enjoy getting up at 5.30am for a run through the park though once i'm up its my favourite run. It still leaves me all the normal time i'd have for family so i dont get that look that so many have spoke about already lol

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