Six Nations - 2011



  • Prince Siegfried wrote (see)
    Little Nemo - In Physio wrote (see)

    My brother bought me a new French jersey* when he was in Paris so I'm not sure whether I should christen it tonight or wait until the French game tomorrow.

    * thankfully not one of those skintight lycra ones image

    Are you French LN?  Why otherwise would you want to wear a French shirt?  imageimage

    No, I'm not French it's just that when I started watching rugby I had the choice between Will Carling and Serge Blanco. No contest image

  • M...eldy wrote (see)
    Feck me .. how big was that bloke that just walked past Inverdale? !!

    He was enormous!!! image

    Well done England, thought Wales might just sneak it at the end but they held on.

  • England did well to hold on at the end.  However they were the better side through the game and took their chances well.  Looking good for the campaign if the injured players come back before the finish.

    France are the big threat, but playing at Twickenham?  Nah!

  • France haven't played well against England for a while now. Even when they win they play badly!
  • *grump*

    Managed to avoid all reference to the match while recording it- come back,turn telly on to hear Davina announcing the bl**dy score on some random quiz.

    Looks like the scrums could be interesting, can't remember the last time I saw two won against the head.  Hopefully penalising collapsing will encourage keeping it up.

  • wales failed to kick their goals, would have been much closer had they done so

    loved Jonny making 3 tackles in his first minute on the pitch!
  • The scrums were rubbish!

    FORZA ITALIA! image

  • Turgid game in Italy.  Ireland just seem to lack any ambition or confidence.  Come on Italy, you can beat this lot! 
  • Who would have put money on Fra v Sco being the most exciting game of the weekend? :/
  • Really enjoyable game - loads of running and tries. Good performance by both sides but France just edged it.

    Tres bon! image

  • Well, it's not going to be a boring tournament then.  It will be interesting to see if things settle down a bit next week- if the French can get their defence working they'll be a hard act to beat.

  • Great opening weekend and good to see England kick off with a win.  They need to play a lot better though to win their next 3 games and get that 2nd place.  France looked fantastic and Scotland were great too.  Both are going to be tough to play.  

    I was disappointed for Italy, they would have deserved their win against Ireland, but experience under pressure paid off for Ireland.  I don't think Ireland are going to be threatening anyone in the tournament though.

    Bring on next weekend image

  • Hello BDB image

    I agree with you about Italy, think they panicked a bit at the end. It would have been such a great result for them but I'm sure it won't be long before they claim a scalp against one of the big three. Hope it's not against France this year though image

  • With more composure, Italy could've landed a last-play drop goal to win; they went too early from too deep...

    Noone looked desperately convincing, except France who always have one appalling game per tournament; this could be very interesting...

  • Considering that the French are supposed to be in disarray, they looked pretty good. Gotta feel for the Italians..

    oh and the Welsh..
    ( titter)
  • Yep, plenty of time for France to fall apart and for Lievremont to make some more bizarre substitutions. I think replacing Harinordoquy with Chabal was a mistake. Although I'm sure some of the commentators appreciate a simpler name to pronounce image
  • hey up - I'm back as was off skiing last week

    caught the Wales v England game in a bar in Chamonix and wish I hadn't bothered as the result was inevitable before it started sadly. but England weren't that convincing either. hmmmm...

    we drove back Saturday but hove to in a small town in the middle of France and headed off for some grub - came across a Brasserie that looked OK so headed in and the landlord had the France v Scotland game on which was a bonus - good game to watch! just so happened the landlord's nephew is the no 2 choice hooker at Toulon so there were pictures of the landlord with Wilkinson, Chabal et al everywhere. he was a proud uncle!
  • BOING! image

    On Saturday we have:

    England v. Italy
    Scotland v. Wales

    and then on Sunday:

    Ireland v. France

    I'm predicting wins for England and Scotland. Head says Ireland, heart says France.

    What do the rest of you think?

  • England
  • England

    Draw between Scotland/Wales


  • England, Scotland, France
  • Probably what FB said. 

    It will be interesting to see if the French enjoy as much of an advantage in the scrum as last week. 

  • Oh poor old Scotland image Even I could have scored against 13 Welsh players*






    ... possibly image

  • How did France win that? image

    Expect they will be steamrollered by England in 2 weeks time image

  • Evening Nemo image

    It was against the run of play generally, but Ireland gave away too many penalties.  I take back what I said about Ireland not troubling anyone though - they looked good today, except for the penalties of course.  Tournament is wide open.

  • There is nothing so simple that Ireland can't bugger up by giving away a penalty. Very disappointed.
  • Hello BDB image 

    Sorry, Lirish image Suspect your match against England could still decide the Championship at the end though

    So almost all teams played differently from how they played last week. Scotland, Italy and France were worse, Ireland and Wales were better. England were consistent and look ominous.

    Supporting France is never straightforward...

  • well - my predictions came true for a change! image

    I have to say England looked mightily impressive - scarily so I have to say. should make their France game a cracker but that will depend which French team turns up - it needs to be a bit better than the one that went to Dublin who would get mullered by England on that showing. Ireland should have won but stupidly gave away penalties in kickable positions.

    Wales v Scotland was awful in comparison with Wales winning but playing worse imho than when they lost to England! I nearly fell asleep in the 2nd half.... Scotland were woeful with only Lamont showing any interest in taking Wales on. I think Wales will need to be careful in Italy in 2 weeks time - Italy will be wanting to bounce back strong after a heavy defeat..

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