Six Nations - 2011



  • I loved the way that the press were bigging up an England Grand Slam as a repeat of the one they had in Dublin pre-WC win in 2003.

    the big difference the press didn't take into account was the relative inexperience of the current team compared to then which was

    Lewsey, Robinson, Greenwood, Tindall, Cohen, Wilkinson, Dawson, Dallaglio, Back, Hill, Johnson, Kay, Leonard, Thompson, Rowntree

    there is little comparison to the 2 sides - that 2003 team was immense compared to the current one with a pack to die for
  • I honestly believe FB - if England had have won (Fluked?) the Grand Slam... they would have been the worst team to do so in living memory... and I'm generally an England supporter.  One side of my family is Irish - so I get to pick whoever is winning.

    There's a hell of a lot of work that needs to be done by the players and coaches before the World Cup.

  • I think the problem is nothing that can be changed before the world cup, England (in fact all the home nations) are too robotic in their style of play...there are no players that can change a game when it's no going to plan A....Dan Carter, Mike Catt, Austin Healy spring to mind..players that were a little bit seems it is coached out off kids and we just produce machines now.
  • I do wonder if Northern Hemisphere sides have fallen behind the South - yet again. during the Autumn internationals against what was essentially the same sides that played in the 6 Nations, the All Blacks and the Convicts looked "comfy" (bar the Scotland win against Aus), although the Boks were out of sorts.

    I don't think any of the 6 Nations teams will make the final unless either France or England really do get their acts together - the other 4 won't get close to the final imho.

    but like all rugby games, anything can happen I guess
  • England last time around for example...A close call from winning an undeserved trophy.
  • I think it might help England that they didn't win the Grand Slam. A dose of reality and less hype might make them prepare better for the WC. Also has the benefit of shutting John Inverdale up! image

    Slightly more encouraging from France although most of their tries seemed to come from Wales being turned over at the breakdown rather than their own play. So I guess they are stuck with ML until the WC, here's hoping they are able to get it together and make it to the QFs.

    Fantastic tap tackle from Trinh-Duc image

  • that was one hell of a try saving tap LN - otherwise Halfpenny was away and over the line. shame as it might have given Wales an impetus that never developed
  • Pleased that the Ireland game went the way of the heart rather than the head.  Ireland did put on the best performance of the 6N.  Good to see the scrum compete and Wallace seemed to find his old speed.  The back row looks strong with Ferris coming back from injury.  The backs are good, especially when Kearney comes back at fullback.  Front five played well on Saturday, but I do think there is a lack of cover.  Overall, if we are lucky with fitness,  might well cause a shock at the WC.  

    When Ireland won the grnd slam they were lucky not to have too many injuries. The GS is difficult even for very good teams. England are not a very good team they are ok,  but have thought they werent as good as the hype.  They play a conservative game, seem to lack that bit extra - need something more in the centre.

  • Yep, he was definitely going to score otherwise FB. Might have changed the game for them.

    It reminded me of Jonathan Davies doing the same to Jerry Guscott a few years back. Always looks dramatic when it's done properly.

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