Finding a training partner?

Hi people. Just wondering if anyone knows of any websites or anything where you can find other runners to train with in your local area? Many thanks.


  • Have you thought about joining a running club?  I always run by myself but I am considering joining one locally myself.  Most usually have websites which have their training days etc. listed.

  • I tried asking on my local Gumtree if anyone fancied some marathon training with me, half expected a few less than serious replies but got none at all

    I tried a few sessions with a local club but they were too fast for me and although they were very nice I was a bit embarassed by it (I'm not that slow, 45min for 10k, but compared to them I was)

    I suggested to Parkrun they should have a club or a way of meeting other Parkrun runners (bound to find some at my level) but they told me to join a local club so I'm still running solo

  • hum. maybe I should make a phone app for it. Log in. see other runners that are in the area. meet up and go for a run!
  • On a quick Google search, there's and - looks like you have to sign up to them. Never used either, so I can't say if they are any good, but you could go browse the websites at least. Good luck!
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