Injured jaw...?

For the last couple of weeks I've been suffering from pain, and a clicking sensation, in my jaw whenever I yawn or open my mouth wide.

Having looked it up on the net, my best guess is that I've managed to somehow injure it when I did the Helsby half last week. I hold my jaw pretty tense as I run - the harder the run the tenser it gets, and this seems to be the most likely cause.

Has anybody else had this problem? Its not dehabilitating, but its slightly alarming seeing as every time I yawn I worry my jaw is going to lock. The internet suggests applying a hot water bottle - does anybody have any other suggestions?



  • Happens to me about every other year or so. Normally seems to occur with the changing of the seasons, but that's probably just my imagination finding patterns.
    As for what it is, well I put it down as just one of those things.
    It is irritating though image
  • I've had a clicky jaw for about 8 yrs that sometimes locks and i have to wiggle it about to get full yawn capacity!! Think it was originally bought on by tension and has never really gone. Doesn't bother me really, it will go back its just in need of a good wiggle!

  • I like the sound of wiggling my jaw. I think I'll make that a regular feature of my runs.

    Cheers JWrun!
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