Wales Runners Needed!

On Thurs 24th Feb I will be running the entire length of Wales in a week for charity.

I need company!!

If you are around on Sat 26th or Sun 27th Feb and fancy joining me anywhere between Dolgellau and Tregaron, I would be incredibly grateful.

I will be running very slowly, but would really appreciate the company of other runners for as little or as much as you want. Just email me via this site if you are interested

To find out more about the charities I will be raising money for, or to see how I've coped with the training for this event (and there are plenty of gory details) have a look at




  • Where do you plan to be midweek?

    I may be able to join you on other days, and find some others to support you through mid-wales

  • That would be fantastic. My route is:

    Thurs 24th Feb - Day 1- Bull Bay Anglesey to LlanberisFri 25th Feb - Day 2 - Llanberis to Trawsfynydd, just north of DogellauSat 26th Feb - Day 3 - Trawsfynydd to MachynllethSun 27th Feb - Day 4 - Machynlleth to east of TregaronMon 28th Feb - Day 5 - Tregaron to LlandeiloTues 1st March - Day 6 - Llandeilo to SwanseaWed 2nd March - Day 7 - Swansea to Aberthaw, east of Barry Thurs 3rd March - Day 8 - Aberthaw to Cardiff.
  • Hello. Did you do this? It sounds amazing! I only found your thread while doing a forum search for 'Wales' so a bit late now hey image

    I was doing the search incidentally to find a suitable home for this link: ... maybe that's here? It's for an Endomondo group for Welsh runners, to see how many miles we can collectively rack up during hte 2012 Olympic period. Not doing your great Welsh run again next year are you? image
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