Even better than last week.

Sorry to keep on folks, but I've just run 5 miles in 37.48. The last mile was 7.10, which is 36 seconds faster than I managed last week !!!!!!!!!!
So strange I've rechecked my watch.

I've got so many endorphines running through me I'll have to get changed again.
This is as fast as I've ever run it.
I hope that I have finally put my injuries behind me.
I'll continue with the swimming and cycling.
On sunday, I'm planning to run a track 10k to see what I can do.
Club run tomorrow night, If I haven't seized up completely.
Off to celebrate.
Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!


  • well done Barkles - who needs drugs?
  • Thanks OB and Tim. Actually drugs would be fine. I think I need some now cos I'm in serious pain!!!
    Worth it tho.
    Oh those endorphins.
    Off to find the wife.
  • Wife or wine??
  • yay, well done. Do you think it has anything to do with joining the club? Has that helped you?

  • Hope so, but I think its more to do with belief. Having been faced with the perfect excuse to stop, I realised when I was laid up that I really wanted to carry on.
    ( Spurred on by you lot, which makes a big difference)
    Like any injury, your confidence is shaken a bit. Has it healed, dare I push it, will I set myself back again? etc

    Then tonight it just felt right and I speeded up a bit, then a bit more and so on, but the difference tonight was that when I tried to have what I call a kick finish, ( it's good for me, stop laffing you lot)there was something in the tank that wasn't there last week.
  • Yipeee in deed. Well done that man. Good luck with the 10k.
    Stiffening up something chronic.
    Fingers no l o n g er w o r k in g
  • Well done Barkles. Hope you are okay this morning!
  • well done B I ran a ten miler on sunday in 1hr 20 and im getting to close to sixty for comfort.
  • Well done Barks - I ran for an hour last night, the last 40 minutes of which were done at top speed - but this was because I thought I was been followed! (banged on about this elsewhere)....but it felt good, Barks, it felt good
  • Hey Barkles what a difference from the dejected person you were when you first posted about your back, well done
  • Well done Mr. Barkles sir! It looks like we might have to do you over and knacker your back again... It doesn't seem quite right for you to be fully fit again!

    actually, on second thoughts... Nah... I'll let you off!
  • Nice one Barkles!

    Last mile in 7.10 is really pushing it. (as far as I'm concerned)

    Sadly I don't see myself doing that kind of speed but respek to you for getting there.

    All the best,

  • Rb... Thats understandable... You're getting old!
  • Feel sick this morning folks.
    RB yes, I was really going for it up the last road ( 1/2 mile long, dead straight and dead flat!).
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